Thursday, July 27, 2017

Winter Is Here: Top Repairs To Make Before It’s Too Late


Just like in the Game of Thrones, winter has come to Australia. Okay, so it might not involve freezing temperatures and White Walkers, but that doesn’t mean it is welcome. It is not! The weather is terrible, the hours get shorter, and there is no time to surf. Quite simply, it’s a bad time of year for Aussies, especially when the weather starts to affect the house. Yep, not content with dowsing the barbie, the elements can impede the property you call home, too. Of course, you want to stop that from happening, and you can with these helpful tips.

Take A Look At The HVAC

When the temperature drops, the heating unit comes into its own. It springs into life and starts to pump hot water and air around the house, leaving you toasty and warm. Well, it does if the boiler is in tip-top condition. If the unit is on its last legs, the water might be lukewarm at best, if not tepid. For obvious reasons, this won’t do in the middle of winter, so you want to check out the central heating. Any boiler that makes weird noises or cuts out without notice needs a professional touch. Please don’t do it yourself because it’s dangerous and you will do more harm than good.


Repair The Garage Doors

Any other crack and you would be on it in a flash. But, because this is the garage, it never seems as important. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it could be as important as any other exterior damage. The reason is that garages are cold anyway, and a broken door only makes them colder. According to, the cold air will circulate through the house if the garage and main property connect. By fixing the damage, you can stop the family from freezing to death this July and August.

Scale The Roof

Roofs are notorious for leaking and letting in the elements. Of course, not only does this make the roof less stable, but it also affects the rest of the house. Water damage, for example, can spread to all parts of the home and lead to mould. Plus, the cold air will again spread through the house and lower the temperature. Plus, mentions that it will increase your energy bill at the same time. The only option is to get on the roof and check it for slipped slates and cracks. Or, you can cover it in water and see if any of it seeps into the house.


Unclog The Gutters

Clogged guttering looks a mess, but it doesn’t appear harmful. That is until it overflows and the excess water causes it to break. Also, the water can go the other way and end up coming into the house. Although it’s a nasty job, it is time to don the rubber gloves as the rain water needs funnelling out before it’s too late.

No wonder Jon Snow was so worried about winter!


Kitchen Conundrum: Replace or Renovate?

The kitchen is such an important room in the home. As well as cooking and preparing meals, if your kitchen has a conjoined dining area it’s also where you will be eating and socialising with family and friends. It’s a busy part of the home and something that needs to be right to allow life to run as smoothly as possible. If you’re unhappy with how your kitchen currently looks or performs, here are the options you could consider.


If your kitchen is generally in pretty good condition and you’re happy with the layout, renovating could be an option. This allows you to completely change the look and modernise the space but without spending as much money. If the cupboard doors are made of solid wood, your best bet would be to remove them, sand them and paint them with special cupboard paint. Since these kinds of doors are expensive to buy, it makes sense to do this rather than replace them with cheaper ones. You can paint in any colour you like so the sky’s the limit, and with nice new handles, you can achieve a fantastic finish. If your cupboard doors are worse for wear and made of cheap laminate over chipboard wood, you could go ahead and replace them entirely. You don’t need to buy super expensive doors, any new doors will give it a fresh new look and give your kitchen a facelift. When it comes to tiling, you have two options, for a super budget makeover give them a clean down and paint them with tile paint. Alternatively, you could rip these off and pay for new tiling. For flooring, vinyl is relatively cheap and can be fitted directly over ceramic tiles (or most other floor coverings). There are load of different patterns and styles to choose from, so it will fit in with any style kitchen and be far cheaper than new floor tiling. Another option for renovating your kitchen is changing up the taps. A good quality tap can change up the look of the sink and make it look brand new even without having to change the entire thing.


There are lots of benefits to completely starting from scratch with the kitchen. If you’re looking to extend, re-jig the layout or have new windows and doors fitted at the same time it gets all of the construction work out of the way at the same time. It also allows you to make the very best use of the space, and choose elements of the design that works for your lifestyle. Perhaps you want a wine fridge, a pantry and a plumbed in fridge freezer? Being able to plan all of this out beforehand means you can fit in everything you need and work out exactly how it will look. You could have a look at kitchen renovations ideas and choose something that fits your personal style and lifestyle, and create a personalised section of your home that will be extremely enjoyable to use. Spend some time thinking through finishes like the colours, materials, lighting, tiling and all of the accessories. You want to create a kitchen that will look great for years to come if you go with anything too trendy it will quickly fall out of fashion. Black, white and natural woods are all classics, you could always dress it up with bold accessories if you wanted to liven it up a bit.

There are pros and cons to both renovating your kitchen and replacing it entirely. Your budget, time restraints and how much work you plan on doing will all influence your decision. Think it through carefully and work out which is the best option for you.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Making The Garden A Place To Call Home

It’s so hard to keep up garden maintenance. Nature is unruly and messier than the squabbling children running around your house; no matter how good you are at keeping your home’s interior clean, the exterior world has a mind of its own. Still, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. The natural world boasts a lot of beauty, and you can sculpt that beauty into the image you desire if you just put a little time and thought into it. Here are some tips to help you turn your neglected garden area into a home.

Tidy up the place

First of all, you need to approach this garden project in the same way that you would approach an interior design project within your home. You begin by creating a blank canvas on which you can throw your ideas. Instead of decluttering old furnishings and repainting the walls, you need to de-weed and mow the lawn. You need to get rid of those old neglected flower beds, trim back the overgrown bushes or perhaps even untamed trees, and find a home for those neglected garden tools lying everywhere. You might want to work on the shed so that you’ve got somewhere to organize and store all those loose pieces of equipment lying around, such as lawnmowers, hedge-trimmers, and so on.

Make the patio prettier

Now that you have a tidy garden, it’s time to fill this blank slate with all the colorful ideas you have in mind. Turn this garden into a cozy outdoor lounge: that has to be your goal. If you want it to feel like home then create a patio area which feels like home; you can achieve this with cushioned seats, warm lighting, a gazebo for shelter, and a dining table for summer evening meals under the stars. You might want to look into Australian hardwood decking to spruce up the place because even the aesthetic of the patio is important when it comes to comfort. Put as much effort into this outdoor space as you do with your home’s indoor space, and you’ll start to see your garden as simply another room in the house.

Get stuck in with actual gardening

Much like the inside of your home, you want your garden to be aesthetically pleasing. Focusing on creature comforts and pretty luxuries such as a miniature fountain, or perhaps even a small pond, all are great ways to make your garden feel like home, but you also have the power of nature at your fingertips. It’d be a waste not to utilize this. Plants and flowers will likely need weekly maintenance, but it’s worth it when you actually want to go out into your garden.

You’ll find it far easier to motivate yourself to get outside and maintain your garden when it looks so nice in the first place. That’s why you need to imbue it with some vivid colors and patterns to create a natural paradise at which you can gaze from your sleek new patio area. Hopefully, this article has helped paint a picture in your mind of just how glorious your garden could be if you invested time into it. Remember, this is the extra room of your house; it’s the one you never really think about, but it’s possibly the most important.