Friday, September 15, 2017

Bats in Your Attic? Then Read This!

Have you got bats in your attic? No, I don't mean the little furry black things that come out at Halloween. I mean the ones used to play cricket or baseball. Or maybe you have a load of old tennis rackets and basket balls up there instead? As it's a well-known fact that the attic is often the place that we use to store things that have no other place elsewhere in the home. Meaning it can get stuffed full of clutter and rubbish that we don't need, and generally drive us crazy as it can get so disorganised and messy! The problem is that it is filling storage space that could be utilized in a much better way. So to help you clear out the bats, and any other bits and pieces you no longer want and restore some order to the attic, keep reading.

Steel yourself

First, on the list of things to do is to steel yourself mentally for the task ahead. It's really no good going into this with a relaxed state of mind,  as you really need to purge the stuff and get rid of it once and for all. Prepare yourself for this mentally beforehand, and you will be far more effective in getting your attic space clear.

Safety first

Next, attic spaces are not like the rest of the home. They may not even have boards down, and your stuff can be balanced precariously on beams, and stacked in corners. There can even be exposed insulation, as well as other allergens like dust to be wary of.  So bear this in mind before you venture up there and get yourself a dust mask, and gloves. Also, wear long sleeved clothing and make sure you are aware of where is safe to tread and where isn't.

Snap decisions

Next, you need to be prepared to make snap decisions about what to keep and what to throw. If you are going to spend 30-minutes reminiscing over each item and deciding whether to keep it or not, an attic clear out job can stretch from a day into a week. That means as soon as you see something you need to know whether you will bin it or keep it, so learn to trust your first instinct!

Don't let the rubbish hang around

To make this process even more effective, it's critical that you not keep the things you have earmarked to dispose of around. They need to be got rid of immediately, so they don't end up going back in the attic again. Luckily, finding a cheap skip hire company will provide a quick and easy way to dispose of your waste so you can get it off of your property fast. Thus keeping the space clean and clear.

Use the space for something meaningful


Having a clean and clear space is something that is oh so important for the last stage of the process, as the space can be used for something meaningful, like an attic reading nook or guest room. Then you won't be able to fill it back up with stuff you no longer need and so keep it free of bats, rackets, nets, and everything else in the future.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

I Love The Smell Of Minimalism In The Morning

Let’s be perfectly honest: not every home smells sweet and irresistible all the time. In fact, you’ve probably experienced days when you’ve been wondering what the bad smell in your home was. The problem with houses is that bad odours can easily accumulate under the roof and slap you in the nose when you least expect it. However, most cases of bad smells can be treated with a little bit of cleaning magic. From the pet’s toys – and that include hunting gifts from your cat – to the leftovers in the fridge, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of cleaning up and ventilating to get your home smelling fresh and inviting again. But what can you do when it doesn’t work?


Nothing is like the smell of a dry room

It’s not uncommon for homes to facilitate the build up of damp patches.You might not even get to see the patches, but you can smell them. Sometimes the internal structure is responsible for the apparition of damp; sometimes it’s a problem with your internal air circulation. It doesn’t matter how often you open all your windows to let fresh air in. You need to install a sub floor ventilation system to get rid of floor dampness. And tada! You’ll get your home smelling fresh and dry again, and no more like a wet towel all the time.

My minimalist decor smells so pure

A minimalist decor refers to the art of decluttering your home. No more piles of unread books, crammed rooms, and unwanted furniture. Yes, a minimalist decor looks stylish. But do you know what it’s good at too? Not accumulating dust! Decluttering your home is by far the best way to get rid of old and musty smells. My word, your minimalist living room is an olfactive delight!

Does the air smell clean to you?

Have you noticed that sometimes your home harbours a chemical and unnatural smell? It doesn’t matter how many vases of flowers you put around the house, the smell still lingers. It’s because there are air pollutants in your home that are caused by processed materials in your furniture and chemical products. You’d be pleased to know that there are indoor plants that can get rid of these toxins for you. s Placing a peace lily in your lounge is not only a pretty addition but helps to remove formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene too. The bamboo palm has a similar action but also fights off air dryness indoors.

Sweet as a pie

Takeaways and packed food might sound appealing – and they sure taste good – but they create an addictive pattern in your brain. Everything will smell of that sticky BBQ sauce for days even though it’s only in your mind. Getting rid of the incriminating pizza box is not going to help. Instead, you need to train your mind to other food smells. How about baking a fresh batch of cookies or a sweet fruit pie and letting the smell travel through the rooms?

Don’t struggle with unpleasant odours in your clean home. It’s time to tackle the invisible causes of bad smells from a structural issue to an addiction of the mind. Welcome to your home fresh home!


Transforming an Overgrown Garden


Unless you’re a keen gardener, it can be quite easy for you to neglect your outdoor space. This isn’t too much of  a problem at first, but eventually the garden will start to look a little overgrown,and if you don’t want to be looking at a jungle every time you gaze out of the window, once the weeds have started to take hold, the grass has grown so tall there could be anything hiding in there, and the trees are  starting to take over the whole neighbourhood, it’s probably time to take action and get your garden looking good again. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Cut and Prune

First of all, if your garden has grown really quite wild, you’ll probably want to hire a skip bin from Takeaway Bins. You’ll need to spend a good weekend mowing your lawn, pruning your bushes and cutting any overgrown trees down to size. Place the waste into your takeaway bin, so that it’s safely out of the way as you start fixing your garden again.

Add Edging

Once you’ve cleared away the worst of the overgrowth, you may notice that your borders and your lawn are starting to blend into one, which can look messy and unkempt, to say the least. The easiest way to do something about this is to add some form of edging, like the stuff from Form Boss, around the borders to clearly differentiate them. This simple change will get your garden looking more like an intentionally managed space, once again.

Feed Your Lawn


If your lawn has been a bit overgrown for a while, chances are it hasn’t been fed and looked after much either. If you want it to look lush and green once again, instead of being brown, scorched and sick looking, you’ll need to feed it with a fertilizer that’s suitable for your lawn and the area you live in (a garden centre employee will be able to help you with this).


Next, if you have fence around your garden, a decking area or even some garden furniture, which is looking a little worse for wear, if you don’t want to buy new, you’ll need to sand them down, prime them and then repaint/stain them so that they look as good as new again. Nothing brings down the tone of an otherwise pretty garden more than dank, dirty wooden features, so this really is an important part of the process.

Plant Some Flowers


Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to have some fun making the garden, not only tidy but pretty once again. The most obvious, and effective, way to do this is with flowers. Plant colourful blooms in your borders, around your gazebo, in pots on your decking and anywhere else you think they’ll look fetching for an instant transformation.

Transforming an overgrown garden is actually pretty simple, it just takes some hard work to clear out the old and bring in the new. If you’re prepared to so that, you can have a great looking garden in no time at all.