Thursday, November 10, 2011

Styling with a Feature Wall

Feature walls have become a major trend over the last 10 years. Some are painted in a different colour to the rest of the room, some people have chosen to wallpaper the wall, and others have changed the texture or simply added some dramatic artwork or lighting. These features can look fantastic and include the wow factor in the room. However, styling around a feature wall can be difficult.

As a general rule, when styling a room the colour scheme ratio should be 60, 30, 10. 60% should be a colour that is spread across the majority of the room, and I would recommend a neutral colour, 30% should be your colour of furniture, preferably all matching furniture, and 10% should be the feature, in this instance the feature wall or some select items, for example cushions, artwork or other décor pieces.

The difficult part of styling with a feature wall is choosing the items to go with the colour scheme. I have included a photograph of a room that I had to style that included a dramatic feature wall.  As you cannot see the rest of the room the walls surrounding the feature wall were painted half strength hogs bristle and the feature wall a metallic red. This was a difficult one as they already had furniture in the room, the client simply wanted some advice about the bed linen and décor items.

As the feature wall was of metallic texture I chose to continue with that image and styled the room to include other metallic colours of silver and gold, the gold to tie in with the metallic red wall.  However the furniture that was dark brown with silver handles. So basically I had to tie everything in to the room and style it to include all factors. This lighting in this photo is not great and shows the bedding to look a blue colour, it is actually a silver/grey cover with light pillows and cushions.  I tied the artwork into the whole room so that it included silver and gold, the lamps silver and some of the smaller décor items where a mix of gold and lighter colours so as to break up the strong bold colour scheme.

If you have a feature wall that is a bold colour I would suggest that you do not repeat that colour too much in the rest of your room.  For example some of smaller décor items could mix in with the wall colour, however the furniture and the bedding should be a different colour that complements the feature wall.  Implement the 60, 30, 10 rule and make the feature wall the 10% and any of the smaller décor items if you choose to tie them in as well.

If you are not interested in bold colours and bold feature walls another great idea to make a wall a feature in a room is to choose the colour that you love, paint most of the walls in half the strength of that colour and paint the wall you want to be a feature in full strength of the same colour. This can be very effective but will not be as bright and stand out as much. Then you can complement the wall colours with complementary coloured furniture and decorations.

If you want some help styling with feature walls, send me through a photograph and I can make some suggestions.

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