Monday, December 19, 2011

Rental Furniture....a better option

I styled a house last week with a lady who had already started doing what I was going to tell her to do. She has already started the styling process but just needed some final hints and tips and also some further decision making. However in beginning the styling process she had been to ikea and purchased numerous pieces of artwork, vases and bowls and even new couches to style her property for sale. She had spent what soon became thousands of dollars getting a few extra decorative pieces to make her house look great. I have to hand it to her, she did a great job. I think I’ll be heading to the shops to pick up some of those pieces myself. However she spent thousands when she is moving house and probably can’t afford it, let alone she mentioned she probably wouldn’t use the items in her new place. “I’ll just sell them on ebay” she said.

Well I’m here now to give her and anyone else thinking of doing this a much better option…..rental furniture. As part of the services provided by Styled to Profit, we can completely or partially furnish you home with rental furniture. It is far cheaper than buying the products yourself and you don’t have to on sell them once you’re done, we deliver and style and then collect them once the rental period is finished and the property is sold.

Let’s start with talking about the costs.  My client had been out and purchased a new three seater couch and two single seats, probably spent $1,000 plus for them, if she had have opted to rent the couches, I could have put them in her house matching perfectly and it would probably have cost more like $400 for 4 weeks rental. There is a $600 saving already. Now she will probably use these couches in her new home so if she needed these couches then fair enough. As for the hundreds spent on artwork, we can offer rental artwork for probably $100 for four weeks instead of the hundreds that was spent. The smaller pieces are key decorating items and I know she got them cheap, she was a bargain hunter, but again rental pieces would not cost more than $60 for numerous items for 4 weeks. I could have saved her hundreds of dollars, possibly near on a thousand dollars.

So if you are selling your home and want a few extra items to make it look that little bit better, rather than going to the shops and purchasing those items, save yourself some selling costs and give me a call.  I can get you similar pieces for a quarter of the price and take away all the hassle of going to the shops and then possibly selling the items again later. Rental furniture is a much better viable option so why not use it.

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