Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Decor is Key!!

Styling a home for sale involves so many different factors, natural light, space, matching furniture blah blah blah, but one thing many people seem to forget about it the small decorative items that really bring a room together. A small vase on a coffee table, a welcoming bunch of flowers at the front door, a picture or mirror on a wall. All of these items and many more are also very important when styling your home. These are the items that people notice, they can be statement pieces that draw the eye, or just a nice picture on a wall tying the whole room together.

I work in partnership with Modcom Homewares to get those fantastic items to place in my homes. A lacquer picture looks fantastic in a living room, a candle holder or vase on the coffee table or even a feature for your outdoor area. These things are not to be forgotten. One of my favourite items is this lacquer print that looks fantastic in living rooms, outdoor areas, above a bed or even just in the entrance hallway. You can’t go wrong with a product like this.

So now I urge you to walk through your home, look out for any blank walls or tables, take away the clutter that has built up in these spaces and try to imagine what else you could put there, how you could decorate your home in style. A perfect example about adding those extra touches is this lounge room that I styled a short time ago. The added clock, cushions, coffee table decorations and even the sticks in the corner really make the area. Without those items the space would be empty, boring and very unattractive.

So see what you can do in your home, if you need any help you can always send me through a photo, or jump online and have a look at some of the products that Modcom Homewares offers and see where they would fit perfectly in your home.

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