Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NEW Soft Furnishing Packages

Presentation is everything when it comes to styling your home for sale! Many houses are put on the market with the owners furniture and style, and on many occasions, this is all you need to get the sale, even if that sale took months.

How about having a way to attract more interested buyers in the first two weeks and getting that sale in the first month, all using your own furniture. All you need is some stylish decor to push your presentation from being fine or good to being fabulous!

Check out our Services page for our new Soft Furnishing Packages.....rent bedding, cushions and throws to style your furniture with and make your marketing photos look amazing. Its an inexpensive way of bringing in a few extra buyers on inspection days. What might cost you a few hundred dollars now could make you a few thousand on sale day.

Your property could look like this:

To make these packages even better.....we have a great introductory offer! Rent one of our Soft Furnishing Packages for 4 weeks and get 2 weeks free!!!

Make sure you don't miss out on this fantastic offer and enquire with us today!