Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY Trays

Did you fall in love with the trays in my last post? I certainly did and love styling my clients homes with them. I felt however that I might need a follow up post to give you some fantastic ideas on how you can style your home with your very own home made trays. I see many of these amazing decor pieces at the shops but never seem to find the ones that suit my style or my home. So below are just a few ideas to make the trays that you love in your style and preferably on a budget!

First up the Photo Frame Tray!
Basically pick up one of your favourite photo frames or purchase one that you love, then place either scrap booking paper or material behind the glass and there you go......home made tray! I have a sample in the photo below, however these people took it one step further by adding handles on either side to make it easy to pick up and move around. You can install some really funky or traditional handles or just leave them off.....up to you.

The Mirror Tray.
I have seen so many amazing mirrors available recently and most of them either have a mirrored frame or even just a classic frame. In the photo below the mirror is being used as a tray for this makeshift bedside table. Another fantastic idea.

The Oven Tray.
If you really want to put your crafty hands to work this one is another great idea. Dig out one of your old oven trays or even purchase one at your local supermarket and cover with contact of your choice. Remember covering those schools books and folders with contact to protect them and make then personal. Well do this with your oven trays and you get a fantastic, personal and fun tray.

The Draw Tray.
Another option is a very simple one, use old drawers from a cabinet that you no longer use. You can paint these any colour you want, add contact, add handles etc. All yours to play with and create.

Any more ideas of DIY trays? Comment below and share with the world.

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