Saturday, May 18, 2013

Styling with Trays...

Style trends these days change so rapidly that sometimes it can be hard to keep up. From styling with coffee tables to an Ottoman...

Or different table settings, so many aspects evolve.

However more recently one trend that seems to be here to stay is styling with trays, whether they are decorative trays, set trays, side tables trays there are so many options.  Although I do find that some stylists or home owners tend to take it a bit far.

Decorative trays are definitely my favourite, trays that match the decor in your room. They create a functional yet decorative piece and can really add that extra style. Decorative trays tend to be used more often on coffee tables to add that extra decor, on lounges or an Ottoman  These items of furniture do not provide you with a hard surface to place your decor so a tray works perfectly.


Tray sets provide you with more of a functional use. They are generally a set of trays that can either be stacked up and styled or separated through the room to keep a particular theme. I find these are used more on a day to day basis to house those magazines, phones or the many remote controls that are accumulated with the growing technology market.


Then there are the side table trays. If you have a side table that you absolutely love and do not want to damage, then purchase a tray of similar or smaller size that can become a feature or can blend with your table. This will protect your furniture from those hot cups of coffee. These again are more of a day to day item. However you can purchase side tables from many home ware or department stores that work as a side table but come in two pieces. The stand/legs which will remain where the side table belongs and the top is a tray in itself that can be removed and placed elsewhere should you so require. I find these are a great piece of furniture with style and function. Next time you head out, have a look to see if you can find one, definitely worth the purchase.


As I mentioned earlier, I do find that some stylists can go a bit too far using their trays. I am constantly scrolling the real estate websites and interiors blogs to find new trends and generally see what is out there and feel that I almost cringe when I come across a bedroom that has been styled with a tray at the base of the bed housing coffee cups or books or even a small bunch of flowers. I understand why some stylists’ do this however I tend to believe it has no benefit to the home owners and provides more of a distraction to a potential purchaser than a benefit. Keep your trays in your living and meals areas please!

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