Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Design your Home by Shaynna Blaze

I have recently had the pleasure of flicking through the first book published by Shaynna Blaze called ‘Design your Home’. First let me say some of the illustrations are fantastic, and the wording by Shaynna is really written is a way that anyone can understand. Let me get this out there though, this book is not really for the professional stylist, but for those looking to design their own home. The book is set out in such a way that Shaynna works through a home room by room and arms you with the general rules and techniques that should be incorporated into your home. The blurb I believe sets out the purpose of the book very well...

The first chapter is called Universal Rules. I am not going to go into much detail about this chapter as I think it is a fantastic chapter and deserves a blog post of its keep an eye on my blog for that one shortly.  Then Shaynna goes on to one of the most important rooms in your home...the Kitchen. She provides you with some great examples of how to set up your kitchen using not only style but function and explains ‘the working triangle’ theory in detail.

The one thing I really like about this book is that Shaynna focuses on the readers life and lifestyle and what works best for you.  She talks about the different functions of things like a dining table, whether it is used as a formal adult only room, a storage table, a desk or for your dinner every night.  Her advise if based around the general use of each room in your home and not just around what looks best in what lighting.

Further into the book Shaynna discusses the other most important room in your home, your lounge room. Now unlike most designers and stylists she even provides recommendations about television placement. Most designers and stylists are not the biggest fans of a television. It is basically an ugly box that you have to introduce into your room somewhere whilst maintaining the style and class that you have worked very hard to achieve. But who doesn’t have a television.

Other chapters of the book refer to what Shaynna calls the Green Room, the Laundry and some amazing ways of making it work for you with what could be lack of space. Then of course the bathroom. Kitchens and Bathrooms are the main selling points in any home. When perusing a home on inspection day, generally the female, can either be convinced or doubtful of buying a home just by those two rooms. This book guides you through different scenarios in a bathroom and making it a really classy and spa like room with as little effort as possible. I love her quote ‘Where the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom is our escape.’

At the end of each chapter she sets out the Rules Round Up. It is a great set of rules that she has discussed in the chapter which sums up perfectly what you need to do.

My favourite chapter however would have to be the bedroom chapter. Shaynna has a certain way of styling a bedroom that can be very inviting but sometimes, in my opinion, over done. She talks about furniture placement incorporating the feng shui principles. And of course who can forget the best room in a home....the wardrobe!  Her different set up options and space saving techniques are fantastic, a page not to be missed in this fantastic book!

With the final chapter talking about the Home Office and the different areas in a house that can end up being the home office she assist with different techniques to hide those unsightly cables and paper work and shows you options of where to draw the eyes.

Overall I think Shaynna has done a great job at setting out the rules and provide ideas for the everyday home owner to make their home perfect for their family using not only style and function but practicality and ease. Be sure to pick up this book if you are renovating, building or even buying a new home. There is a lot to think about and even more fun pictures to look at. Happy reading everyone and stay tuned for my blog about the Universal Rules chapter!

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