Friday, June 21, 2013

Universal Rules

If you have had the chance to read through on of my last blog reviews of the new book by Shaynna Blaze, Design your Home, you would have seen my promise to my lovely readers to do a separate blog on her chapter about the Universal Rules in the home. I loved this chapter so much and thought it would be so useful I decided that it needed its own separate review.
This chapter talks about the universal rules that apply to each home, whilst each person is different and likes to style their homes in different ways, if you stick to the universal rules your home will always be amazing!

Shaynna discusses one of the rules being Odds and Evens. You can reference this rule to placement of items on a table, bookshelf or even in your kitchen or bathroom. Shaynna however goes into more details with Odds and Evens when it comes to the cushion placement on your lounge and the different between formal and informal. You can see from the image below that the placement of even cushions on the above lounge gives off a more formal approach to your living area, they are like bookends and refer to a beginning and an end.
However from the photo in the middle of the above picture you can see the cushions has been placed to one side therefore being an odd number and give off a more informal and free spirited atmosphere.  It depends what kind of look and feel you are going for in your lounge room but it is amazing how much just the placement of cushions can effect you and your guests.
Shaynna goes further into some of the other rules being; scale, placement, shape and numbers.
Feng shui is also a principal that I have many owners ask me about, whether to adopt it or not. In my person opinion there are some feng shui practices that I adopt on a regular basis, but others that I tend to ignore. For example in feng shui the front and back doors of a home should not line up, this is said to cause qi to leak out along with your good fortune. I know you're probably thinking, what does Qi mean, Qi means energy or life breath and is said to be linked to prosperity. I strongly agree with this principle and would definitely make sure I put some sort of barrier between my front and back doors should they line up.

Another principle however states that leaving the toilet door open and the toilet seat up loses you money. I cannot see how this could possibly work! However all of the ladies out there should definitely try and convince their husbands of this principle, try and get him putting that ugly toilet seat down instead of losing money!

Shaynna goes further into setting out the rules of size and placement of furniture to ensure that there is enough space, height of artwork etc. It is a must read, especially to find out if your home is abiding by these universal rules.

To pick up this great book for yourself click on the following link which will take you directly to Ebay! It is definitely a book every home owner should have on their shelves.

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