Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Must have Artwork by Urban Road

My favourite time of the month would have to around the 10th when my monthly subscription of Real Living Magazine arrives. Each time my amazing magazine arrives I have to put my life on hold to sit down and read cover to cover at least 4 times. It would have to be one of my favourite magazines because it gives me so many ideas and keeps me up to date with current trends and what's hot right now. It is slightly alternative but with real style.

When reading through this months magazine I came across an add for what would have to be on of my favourite local artists and felt that I had to share.......Urban Road

Some samples of this amazing artwork are below but please click on the link to their website and have a look at their amazing range. Must have artwork that will put a smile on your face with the bright and colourful canvas prints. I cannot wait to add at least one of their pieces to my home.

(Photos by Urban Road)

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