Monday, July 22, 2013

My Style Icons

Now I know my normal blog posts are all about interiors and styling, but I absolutely love fashion and make up. I like to think that I would be super stylish...... if I could afford it!

Now that I am on maternity leave, I have a lot more time on my hands to browse the web and dream about what I wish I could wear and purchase and admire my style icons.  Two of my favourite style icons would have to be Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively.

They are both such beautiful women and have the most amazing style.
Lauren Conrad got her break on reality television first appearing in Laguna Beach followed very quickly by the TV Producers and her ever growing fan base all the way to Hollywood starring in The Hills. Since then she is not only a very successful author of several books from novels to self help books, she has a great website with a regularly updated blog at and also has everything to do with fashion!
She is so amazing and so successful in her own right that I see her as a real role model. Apart from being absolutely gorgeous she can pull of pretty much any outfit she wants. Whether it be styling her winter warmers with this gorgeous coat and stocking combo. I love that she has paired it with black pumps and her signature waves.
 Or whether she is going for the more casual blouse and jeans she still looks fantastic.
 Or on the cat walk with this beautiful dress. She has the most amazing figure and style that I would love the spend a day in her wardrobe and with her stylists!
Then we have Blake Lively, who is not only a beautiful and sexy woman, but is married to RYAN REYNOLDS!! Could life be better for Blake?
Blake has been in many movies since she started her acting career back in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. She has spent several years mastering her brand on Gossip Girl and of course in more recent movies like The Green Lantern, Savages and The Town.
Just like Lauren Conrad she can pull of basically any style and would have the most amazing wardrobe and stylists to make any girl jealous. I absolutely adore this outfit. What seems to be a simple tank which probably cost more than my monthly wage is just beautiful paired with her pencil sparkle skirt, because......what girl doesn't love a sparkle skirt! Her simple stilettos also top the outfit off in the most elegant way.
This beautiful dress is so fun and the bright colour really works well for Blake with her hair and skin colour. If only I wasn't extremely pale I could make this work!
Even in her pop down to the shops look she is gorgeous. The sweater, hat and Christian Louboutin pumps are so stylish and perfect that I want to buy a ticket to NYC, jump on a plane tomorrow and spend all the money I have just to hang them in my closet.
Both Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively in my eyes are the most amazing stylish women that I really admire. Not only for their style but for their success and career paths. Lauren Conrad in particular is someone I would love to swap lives with. She is so well educated on all things fashion and style but also loves her interiors and has made a name for herself as an author. All the things on my bucket list!
So these are my style icons......who do you admire??

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