Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Home Office Revolution

Home offices used to be frown upon....not any more! Especially not when they can look like this....

Home based business are a lot more common than they used to be. Some bigger businesses are even allowing their staff to work from home as it can end up costing the company less. For every staff member working from home that is one less desk, chair and space that they need, simply give them a computer, a phone and sometimes pay for their Internet connection and you're done. I love working from home myself, no time wasted travelling to and from work, don't need to worry about being stuck in peak hour traffic, save money on petrol and of course it's comfortable. Who wouldn't like to work from home???
There are so many different home office styles to work with, it really just depends how much room you have to play with. This would have to be one of my favourites.....the compact office...
Most new houses these days have a small study nook or a dedicated office in the plans, but for those with slightly older houses it can become hard to find a good space for your desk that won't interfere with any of your bedrooms or living areas. Got a spare cupboard? Or a small area that really isn't being used? You don't need a big space or a big desk, as long as you can fit what you need it can be perfect for you. I love the idea of the office space in the cupboard, close the doors when you're done and you can be as messy as you like. If you do decide to go with a style such as this, please make sure that your desk is not as deep as your cupboard so that you have enough room to simply push in your chair and still close the doors. Otherwise you will be left with a random chair with no where to put it.
So you have a little bit more room for your home office...lucky you! Here are a few other options that you can play with. Experiment with them, se what works best for you and your family. The other thing to remember when you are getting setting up is who is going to use this space. Is it simply for the computer to have a space, which would not require much room, is it for the kids to play games, again no room needed, a teenager to do their homework, which would of course need a lot more desk space. The books they bring home from school these days are huge! Or a home based business which again would need a bit more room for the paperwork that always tends to follow the business owner.
The shelving is an amazing use of what would normally be wasted space. My shelves would be covered with design books, paperwork and a few decor pieces here and there but I love the way these are styled.
 Retro is back so why not head to a local market and see what you can pick up.
Although the chair does not look very comfortable, the black and white theme is incredibly stylish and simple that it could work in any room for anyone.
 I love this set up, so bright and colourful and full of life.
The dual office...simple yet stylish, small yet spacious. This looks to me like it would be a home based business office. I know if my husband and I shared an office space, both sides would be completely different. His decorated with memorabilia and messy paperwork, mine neat and tidy with some fantastic pops of colour!
Simple yet elegant. This looks like the kind of office space where you would be writing a book, the only thing you need is a nice big window just to your right so you can source as much inspiration as possible.
I know a compact office is on my list for my dream home, how about you? Share your office space with us and help our other readers find inspiration!

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