Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wardrobes are a Girls Best Friend

Don't worry about the diamonds...you either already have at least 1 or they will come but every girl has a tonne of clothing and hopefully shoes, shoes and more shoes!!! So.....where to put them so you can be unbelievably organised and have everything easily accessible.....a walk in wardrobe! Not everyone has the pleasure and luxury of one of these in their homes, unfortunately I am one of those unlucky ones, but we can still dream......right?

There are so many different styles and set ups with walk in wardrobes these days that it can become hard to know what is going to suit you best. I always find stores like Ikea to be great as they have so many options and a whole floor full of examples for you to look at.
The prices for these fit outs can be a bit excessive but as far as I'm concerned, you would pay a lot of money to buy a house, so why not spend some of your hard earn dollars on a home for you clothes and some of your most prized possessions.
I love the style of this wardrobe above, the soft wall colours and light shelving really make the clothes to accessory. It is very simple but you can see everything with ease and with sliding doors it even looks quite deceiving and unexpected.
And for the opposite end of the scale, the darker shelving and walls. As you can see from this picture above some of the clothes blend in with the background, as do the shoes. I would find it difficult in a wardrobe like this to find exactly what I am looking for. You might really have to dig in to locate that little black dress.
The styling of this wardrobe is fantastic...a combination of both of the above styles. Light co,ours walls and furniture with dark shelving. The clothes still stand out and who doesn't need a lounge in their wardrobe. This one was a spare bedroom that the owners decided to turn into a wardrobe. Why not right??
I also absolutely love the rug and the colour separation...lights, darks and colours. Organisation is everything.
 I fell in love with this style as soon as I came across it. A beautiful mirror at the back, frames by shoes. I don't think the brown chair is really necessary but the pop of colour with the ottoman is great.  Similar to the wardrobe set up below, although the ottoman would have been great in a bright colour.
A wardrobe is not complete without a really funky light fitting, whether you opt for a chandelier, hanging pendant lights is just a simple shade they really finish the room.
 Or in this case.......a disco ball!
How can anyone go passed a wardrobe like this one! Absolutely amazing...no other words to explain it!

Love the colour coordination. This wardrobe is perfect for those with a small area. All you need is one row of shelving and complete organisation and here's what you end up with...
And don't forget about the men....whilst they generally do not have as much clothing or shoes as the ladies, they still like to indulge a bit and take pride in their appearance. So here are a few samples of men's wardrobes....these men have more clothes than I do!
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