Sunday, August 25, 2013

Madison Jade

I thought I would write this quick post on my blog to apologise for the lack of activity lately. I had my gorgeous little baby girl, Madison Jade, on the 14th of August and as you can imagine being less than 2 weeks old I am VERY TIRED!!  Here is a little sneak peak of Madison for you...
She is so amazing and yes that is a full head of hair!! Most people have narrowed the hair down to the fact that I had heartburn during pregnancy but my husband had quite a bit of hair when he was born as well. Either way it is perfect and the reaction that we get from people when they see her hair is hilarious.
Whilst every minute with her is so special I am still getting used to the lack of sleep, which I am told will continue for quite some time, I believe my parents said for approximately 20 years, but that's ok, I can deal with that.  As soon as I have managed to catch up on a bit more sleep and of course have a routine worked out for Madison I will be getting back on here and posting, posting, posting.  I hope you are all having a lovely Winter and enjoying adding those fun scarves and beanies to your outfits and blankets and additional cushions to your interiors.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Grey and Yellow, Grey and Yellow, Grey and Yellow

I know it has been a little while since I have posted and I do have to apologise for that. I am now 40 weeks pregnant on the dot...that's right TODAY is my due date. As much as I love writing these posts and sharing all of my loves with you all I would rather be spending time with my little bundle of joy...but it has decided to hold off a little bit longer and make us wait.

So what better way to keep myself occupied than to write a post. Now I know this style has been around for a little while now but I absolutely love this colour scheme for all things fashion and style and thought I would share some amazing ideas to help you incorporate them into your home.

Grey is definitely the neutral colour of the season and is being seen more and more in new homes and display homes. This really is because you can put any colour with it. Whether you have white furniture, black furniture or even brown, they all look great with a grey colour scheme.

A big thing to watch out for when styling with grey though is depending in the grey that you choose, a room can feel quite cold. You might remember from one of my last posts that we painted our new property in a grey colour, the trick is to select a particular grey that has anything but a white or black undertone. If you want to have a look at the colour that I picked click on this link to have a read of my post and check out the pictures. The grey I selected has a slight plum undertone, this can be counteracted by different furniture styles and colours but made the colour nice and warm.

If you have been a reader of my previous posts you will know that I love colour and everything to do with it. I believe every room needs a pop of colour and why not make it nice and bright. As mentioned above there are so many different colours that work amazingly with grey, however one of my favs is the grey and yellow trend.  It started in the fashion world then moved very quickly to the world of interiors.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these amazing boots....definitely need to add these to my collection!
Once the fashion world took over the amazing new colour scheme the interiors industry jumped on board rather quickly. Designers started with paint colours and moved into furniture and accessories to fit out any home or any room with this great colour scheme. Check out some of these pictures if you are thinking of adding pops of yellow to your grey colour scheme.
If you do choose to go down this road please try and remember not to go too far, stick with the 60-30-10 rule.  I will explain this rule in detail in another post shortly however to keep it brief select your main colour and use it in 60% of your room, in this instance the main colour would be grey. From there select your secondary colour and include no more than 30% in your room. In the picture below the 30% would be white.  Then add the third colour being yellow in no more than 10% of your room, again th room below is a perfect example.
There are some amazing bedrooms styled in this colour scheme that work in so many homes. The bedrooms below are amazing and are a great mood board for anyone looking to renovate using these colours.
It is even a perfect colour scheme for a neutral nursery. Not sure what you are having but don't want to wait to decorate your nursery, yellow and grey is perfect!
Have you renovated or decorated a room in your home in this colour scheme? I would love to see some photos of any renovations or decor so head over to my facebook page and post some of your work.