Friday, September 20, 2013

Shake It Up with Real Living Magazine

If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will now my favourite time of the month is around the 10th when my Real Living Magazine magically appears in my letterbox.  I think I may have a magazine addiction, I can't begin to explain how many I have in my collection and every time I find a new one that I love I can't help but subscribe. My latest subscription....Vogue Living....heading my way in October, very excited!

So after skimming the pages of the October edition of Real Living I fell in love with their theme for the month "Shake it Up".
Real Living Style Editor Sarah Ellison shows you in some amazing ways how to "...ramp up the volume at your place with a pretty punk rock vibe." The explosive colours and clash of both trends and textures is fantastic. 
(Please excuse the shadows in the pictures, it was late at night and I really wanted to get this up asap.)
In the homes section of the magazine they also feature one of the most creative and inspiring homes of architect and interior designer, Dorothy Measer. The pops of colour and style in this home really show that all colours can work together and that retro is back! Dorothy combines both the retro style with the modern eclectic introducing some old school furniture pieces and with some really amazing modern pieces, like this Kartell "Frilly" Dining Chair in Transparent Yellow.
Another amazing home features in the magazine "Light Box" home of Kris De Roo and his wife Sarah. This home really takes advantage of natural light bouncing of white walls. The wood used in the furniture pieces is just beautiful and gives the home a real natural feeling.
This months magazine is definitely worth a look. It has some great styling ideas and inspirational homes and rooms. I just love the way the interiors industry is heading with the amazing splash of colour and texture. And the wallpaper.....oh the wallpaper. If I didn't spend almost a week peeling the old wallpaper off the walls in my house I would love to incorporate wallpaper into so many of my rooms. The horror of deciding I don't like it any more is a little too scary and fresh in my memory for me to take the jump. Maybe my next house.... 

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