Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spring Fashion Trends

Spring time is finally here! It would have to be my favourite season. I adore the blooming flowers and gorgeous weather that is generally not too hot and not too cold. Unfortunately today the clouds are covering the sky and releasing their stores of rain but hopefully it won't last very long.

Spring is such a fantastic time for all things styling, whether it is interiors, fashion, makeup or accessories.  Some new trends have are coming in this season that I absolutely adore, one of them being the amazing blush colour.  It is such a beautiful colour and looks amazing in all things accessories and fashion. It is so easy to style with makeup and works for any occasion. Pale pink is also another trend that is covering the shelves at your favourite stores.

Makeup styles this spring are also amazing. Very neutral but with same touches of glitter. I love this style, although every time I try and do it I look like I have a black eye.....need to work on my technique!
The fashion world however is keeping a broad scope when it comes to colour and accessories. Whether it follows the blush or pale pink trend

 Or the brighter more solid colours.
The accessories and interior industries are certainly brimming with spring fun. It is also following the fashion world with the neutral and pastel colours with a small burst of colour.
There are so many colours that are trending this spring. Whilst we have seen a lot of neutral and pastel colours there are also a few bold solid colours that are making an appearance this season. If you are looking at painting a room, some furniture or even looking for some colour inspiration for some artwork, these are some colours trending this spring. Please note however that the names of the colours are from Pantone and will not be the same colour names if you pop down to your local bunnings.
I hope that you are all enjoying the beginning of spring and looking to allocate some time to liven up your home and bring some colour back into your life after the Winter. I also wouldn't be a good property stylist if I didn't suggest that you allocate some time this season for some Spring Cleaning!! I know it is not always the best job but it is incredibly satisfying once you have finished. Decluttering is so important when it comes to your home, whether you are looking to sell or not, it is a vital part of enjoying your home and making it look fabulous.

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