Thursday, October 31, 2013

Interview: Vivian Panagos from Ish & Chi

More recently I am spending my days jumping between looking after my 11 week old little girl and scanning the internet for inspiration, trends and of course reading my favourite blogs. I came across a fantastic one recently called 'Ish & Chi'.  Vivian Panagos started this page a few years ago because she was renovating her home and wanted to share it with the world.  And did she share!! Her home belongs in the glossy magazine pages and the success of her blog is inspiring.
I had the pleasure of chatting with Vivian recently over a few emails and got to ask her a few questions about everything Ish & Chi. I find her to be so inspiring that I thought I would interesting to get inside the mind of a creative!
What made you decide to become a blogger?
I was renovating my home and decorating my son's nursery and wanted a way to document the process and to keep me committed to the project. So I started ish and chi and it grew from there.

Influences and motivations that help you with your blog?
I study interior design and decoration and will be graduating next month! The last four years of study, combined with travel to places seeing beautiful architecture and interiors has definitely kept me motivated and inspired.

Your blog features some fantastic interviews and tours with industry professionals, which one is your favourite and most inspiring?
It is too hard to choose one! I have enjoyed getting an insight into Camilla Frank's journey into fashion and homewares, learning about the creative process of wallpaper designer Adam Jones, interviewing the always inspiring Megan Morton and other industry professionals.

Your blog started with renovating your home, which room is your favourite and where do you spend the most time?
In bed! I value sleep when I can get it so I have been drifting off early these days. Otherwise I enjoy curling up on our new sofa with my son and partner watching movies together.

Most recent purchase for your home?
A deep blue velvet chestfield sofa. It is extra deep and the most comfortable sofa I have ever owned.

How do you connect with the professionals that you interview and the owners of the homes that you photograph?
I sometimes reach out to professionals directly or we have met through various events and connections. Some of the homes I have featured I toured while visiting Palm Springs during Modernism Week and it was a good opportunity to photograph homes that are not usually open to the public. 

And lastly do you have any advice to help other people succeed in the blogging industry?
Make connections and get to know other bloggers as well as professionals in the industry you are interested in. I think there is value in helping each other to grow in a still relatively new field.

Head over to Ish & Chi and check out some of the amazing interior tours and interviews, Vivian has been lucky enough to travel the world and feature interiors from around the globe. There really are some amazing homes.

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