Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grand Designs Live and Keeki

I have to apologise for my lack of activity for the passed week, I have been touring lovely Tasmania for a few days for a wedding, such a beautiful wedding at the most amazing location, Mona, Tasmania. The weather was not the best but the views were just spectacular.

Before I headed over to Tassie however, I had the joy of attending the Grand Designs Live exhibition in Melbourne. The exhibition won an award at the 2013 Design Awards and was one that you will be disappointed to have missed.
If you are renovating your home, building or simply want some inspiration this is the place to go. The exhibition is split up into 4 sections, Grand Building Grand Outdoors, Grand Kitchens and Bathrooms and Grand Interiors. As you can imagine my favourite section was Grand Interiors. There were so many amazing artists on display whether it is for wall art, architecture, lighting or interior design, it was all there. The best section by far was the Rooms by Design where three design institutes came together to compete to create three design concepts.

One of the concepts was a Glamour filled living space designed by Seelai Safi and sponsored by Keeki. Here is the finished product which is just amazing....glamour is the perfect description of this living space!
Seelai showed us her amazing use of space in what seemed to be a cosy room. The olive coloured walls and textured lounge and chairs added to the feeling of glamour and elegance. I adored the lighting which as you can see in the photo above created the most amazing image on the walls. And don't get me started on the decor...the cow hide rug...the mirror...the Robinson Clock (oh how I love that clock)! Here are a few more photos so you can see every corner of this amazing room.
Burani Pendant Lights...amazing in the cluster. Would look fantastic over a dining table.
 There's my clock....the Robertson Clock sitting on top of the gorgeous Casino Console!
Chatsworth Mirror
 Cow Hide Rug
 Iconic Buildings
 Rhi Rhi Lamp Table
Stevie Arm Chair

All of these pieces are available at Keeki, you can create this look all for yourself. To find out more information on these products or the location of your nearest Keeki click the link to head over to their website,, or check out their facebook page here, Keeki My Style.

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