Thursday, January 16, 2014

I wish I was here.....

I hope you are all surviving this major heat wave in Melbourne, forecast to reach 44 degrees today. Each time I step out my front door it's like a wall of scorching heat blocking my way, I can't believe how hot it is! My poor, not so great, air conditioner has been struggling to keep up for the passed few days and I am yet to turn it off. I know ...bad for the environment, but with my 5 month old little girl around I am doing my best to keep her as cool as possible.

All I keep thinking about in this heat is where I would rather be than locked in a dark house trying to keep cool, I don't know about you but this looks pretty spectacular to me.....
To help keep myself thinking cool I have been checking out some amazing pools around the world. I only wish I had one of these buried in my super small backyard, or front yard if it's the only place it would fit....i'm flexible! Here are just a few of the awe inspiring pools I found.....just to make you all jealous!
I don't see why I couldn't do one of these in my dream home!
Just to add a bit of WOW into your day!!
We are almost through our hot week from hell so I hope you are all keeping cool and drinking lots of water...see you on the other end of the heat wave!

xox Kim

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