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Interview: Holly Becker from Decor8

I am so super excited to be sharing this post with you today, it is probably the most exciting one I have done so far! If you haven't heard of Holly Becker and Decor8 you are missing out! Holly Becker is not only the Founder and Editor of one of the most popular interiors blogs on the internet, but she is also an Author of two fantastic books with her third due for release in the coming months. You will have already seen my review of her first book Decorate, which you can find here, my review of her next book Decorate Workshop is on its way shortly. Holly is also a Stylist who has worked on many fantastic interiors across the globe and on top of all of that she also is the founder and teacher of her e-course Blogging Your Way which can be found at
I recently had the pleasure of participating in her most recent Blogging Your Way e-course which was just so fantastic and informative that I can't wait to do the next one. Once of the brilliant lessons in this course was all about having self confidence and putting yourself out there. If you don't take risks you may not succeed. In the spirit of this I decided to put myself out there and try and contact Holly herself to do a small interview with her. Not in a million years did I expect her to respond let alone agree to participate but she as you can see........super excited!  Please read on to see my mini interview with Holly Becker. 
What made you decide to become a blogger so many years ago?
In 2005, I wanted to share my passion for interiors and at that time, I was working as an interior designer with clients and thought it would be an interesting way for me to connect with them as well as to potentially reach new ones. I also had hoped authoring a blog would get me in front of magazine editors because I wanted to also write about decorating because I’ve always loved to write and felt that I had a voice to lend that would perhaps be a fresh, less stuffy approach to interiors. Back then, I felt interior design needed to be more fun and approachable – I hoped to bring that spirit to decorating and I feel today that I accomplished that through both my blog and books which makes me very happy. It’s a good feeling to accomplish what you set out to do!

What are some of your influences and motivations that help you with your blog?
I’ve always been creative and was inspired early on by my mother and aunt because both were highly imaginative and creative and encouraged me as a child to cultivate my creative side. My mother was trained as a floral designer and my aunt was an art teacher and fine art painter. Today, I find inspiration through my readers and students, books and magazines, travelling and long walks in the forest behind our home.

Your books are just amazing, what was the best part of writing them?
The entire process is both exhilarating and exhausting! It’s fun to put my stamp on something and to work with my team in London to compose a body of work that is personal and special to me, but also that speaks to others in a way that is approachable and encourages creativity at home. 

You have travelled the world for your blog and books, is there one location that stands out as the most creative and inspiring?
There are two -- LA and London. In LA, I feel like there is a wonderful, buzzing community of bloggers but beyond that, the weather is so beautiful and bright and I love the fresh food there as well as the mountains and ocean – I also like the energy and that the overall mood is very laid back but also very driven – which is exactly how I would describe my personality. On the flipside, I’m also inspired by London. I love the shopping, the people, fashion, interiors, the lifestyle overall, architecture, the restaurants and museums, the rich culture, the countryside… It’s a very dynamic place so you can never get bored. I also enjoy having four seasons and find autumn in London so inspiring. London is a fantastic mix of culture and life – you can travel the world in one city.

What inspired you to start Blogging Your Way?
Between 2006 and 2009, I received hundreds of emails from all over the world from those who had seen my success as a blogger and wanted to learn how to do it. I devoted hours each week answering questions via email, which my husband observed, so he encouraged me to think of a new way to reach people other than email. I instantly thought about doing an e-course on blogging since no other blogging e-courses existed at that time and the whole concept of online learning was still in its infancy. My first blogging e-course launched in April 2009 – nearly 5 years ago and to date, Blogging Your Way has taught nearly 8,000 students. It’s very hard work, I have a team who helps me behind-the-scenes and my husband has become my business manager since I could never do it on my own. We also have amazing co-teachers, fellow professional bloggers, who work with me on each class. It’s rewarding and fun because both our co-teachers and students are so talented and passionate about blogging – they excite me and continuously refuel my own passion for writing online. 

I always like to ask what was the most recent purchase for your home? 
The Z1 Cotton lamp by Nelson Sepuvelda from Bodie and Fou. (link: 

What can we expect from Holly Becker and decor8 next?
I’m having a baby any day now, our first child, so you can expect a few posts on my blog about decorating and shopping for little ones now and then; though my blog focus will not shift – I’m still dedicated to blogging about interiors and creative living topics. I also have a third book due to release this spring, Decorate With Flowers, in which I’ve teamed up with co-author Leslie Shewring, and together we’ve pulled together a book that marries non-fussy floral arranging with styling at home. It’s the first of its kind on the market, so I’m excited! In May, I’ll be in London to launch Decorate With Flowers and I plan to teach a styling workshop then, too. I’ll also be teaching another e-course in April/May for 4 weeks!

And lastly do you have any advice to help other people succeed in the blogging industry?
Blogging should make your life more exciting – use it as a catalyst to create your best life – that is my motto… Let blogging drive you to try new things, travel, explore your own city, take new classes, reach a little higher – the more interesting your life is to you, the more your readers will be interested because you’ll be sharing your adventures on your blog - passion and joy are contagious!

Holly Becker is one of the reasons I decided to start blogging in the first place, she is so inspiring and motivating. Not only do I check her blog everyday for a new post but I have loved reading her books and cannot wait for her next one to come out. Make sure you head over to her website to fall in love yourself. Here are a few pics of her beautiful home styling for some of your own inspiration.

Photos provided by Holly Becker and decor8

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