Friday, January 10, 2014

Organised Christmas Decorations

I finally got around to organising my Christmas decorations, I know I know its the middle of January but at least now they are organised and ready for next year. To show you what I was dealing with here is my before photo......please don't judge!
My fairy lights were bundled and thrown in a plastic bag with their original but very torn box, I had thrown all of my decorations including baubles and tinsel in a box that was severely overflowing and everything, and I mean everything, was tangled! The colours were mixed up and the chaos was killing me! I used to decorate my tree with red and gold decorations but that changed to red and white, however my tree now features an assortment of red and silver decorations with a few gift baubles thrown in to add extra colour. Chaos is a understatement!

After rummaging around my house to see what I could find here is what I came up with....
I found some old plastic shoe boxes that I was no longer using, and separated my current decorations by colour. I included the baubles and the tinsel in the boxes so they would all stay together. One thing you can't see is that I rolled the tinsel up on a left over cardboard roll from my used wrapping paper. Always a good idea to reuse what you already have....saves money and there are some really great ways to jazz up your old stuff. The shoe boxes even have a great little handle to help carry them around.
With my leftover decorations that I rarely use I put them back in the original box. I separated the colours with some small pieces of cardboard. I really should have decorated them a little bit better but you get the idea. Simple and easy to do.
Now for the fairy lights. I have two tangled bundles, exterior and interior. I needed to separate them from each other and create an easy system so they would not get all tangle and frustrating. I grabbed some of the leftover cardboard from some of our Christmas presents, cut it into two smaller pieces and there you go. After around an hour spent untangling the lights I rolled them around the cardboard and voila......tangle free for next year.
To go the extra mile I dug out my fabulous label maker and labeled the lights Exterior or Interior. I even cut a small hole in the cardboard to thread each end of the lights through so I had a beginning and an end. 
All of this organising only took me around 10 minutes (that is after the initial hour of untangling!) and was absolutely free. I know I will be pleased with myself when next Christmas rolls around and all of my decorations are easy to access and tangle free! Hope your decorations are organised perfectly. If you have any other ideas please feel free to share.

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