Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker

I'm back in action lovelies after a beautiful long weekend in Melbourne and thought I would do a follow up post to my interview with Holly Becker. So I decided to review her second book....Decorate Workshop. As you would have read she has a new book coming out this year so can't wait to get my hands on that one. But first things first right.
I have read several interiors books, one of my favourite things to do, however I have never come across a book that actually encourages you to jot down your ideas and runs you through the whole decorating process from hatching your first ideas and recording them to making them happen. If you are starting out and are not really sure what to do first this is such a fantastic book to have in your hot little hands.
The book is broken into 8 steps as follows:

1. Seek Inspiration
2. Find your personal style
3. Identify your Project
4. Prep your space
5. Draw up your space
6. Translate your ideas
7. Finalise your Scheme
8. Happy Decorating
Each step is such a detailed guide helping you thoroughly work out you plan and implement it with a lot of fun. The pages are so colourful and inspiring and she even includes some artwork for you to put up on your wall as some inspirational decor.
Holly has really done her research when creating this book, she travelled the world to find the most creative spaces to share with her readers and the photography is sensational. She teamed up with Debi Treloar again who always does such a fantastic job.
Mood and Inspiration boards are some of my favourite things, I am in the process of creating a mood board for our next home and I just love the idea of inspiration being right in front of me every day. Holly talks about mood boards in great detail in step 6, Translate Your Ideas and even shows you some of her own mood and inspiration boards, so fun and bright. I love one of the tips she includes in the book, she creates a new pin board every month with anything and everything that inspires her at the time. Just before she packs it away to get ready for the next month of inspiration she takes a photograph and catalogues it so she can look back on it whenever she likes to see what was inspiring her at the time. Such a great idea, I will definitely be adding an inspirational pin board to my home, cannot wait to share them with you.
I am currently looking for my next home to renovate and will certainly have this book ready to go, I have already started making notes.  It feels incredibly uncomfortable writing in a book like this but it means that all of your ideas and requirements are in the one place. Its a notebook specifically designed for your next decorating project. I have to add I have been using a pencil so I can make sure to erase it once the project is complete, back to perfect condition!
Are you working on a decorating project of your own? I would love to hear all about it and see photos and share it with my readers so please send it through and make sure you grab one of these books for yourself, such a great book to have on hand when your really not sure what to do next! Here is a link for you to grab the book just to make it easier for you, Decorate Workshop.....ENJOY!

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