Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creative Storage Idea

I have spent a bit of time working on my little girls nursery lately, nothing too fancy as we are getting ready to sell but just a few bits and pieces. Unfortunately we have not been blessed with much storage in our home or her bedroom with no wardrobe,  so it has been up to me to become a little more creative about ways to store all of her little belongings. They might not be very big but she has got so much stuff! A little spoilt I think!

So instead of scrunching up her gorgeous dresses and putting them in the chest of drawers I came up with a new way of storing them that also adds a little bit of decoration to the room and shows off the gorgeous clothes.  What do you think.....
I have quite a bit of spare wall space as her room is pretty big so I decided to use it. We were given these gorgeous little owl hooks for the wall, owls are kind of my theme, that I decided were the perfect size. I hung them on the wall with a simply picture hook.
 Them grabbed some string, tied loops in the top to go over the hooks, as you can see above, and tied the other end to the top of the coat hanger, as you can see below.
And done! She has so many beautiful little dresses that just look amazing on the wall. She has a few more but I am in desperate need of some more coat hangers so have made up a few extra bits of string that are the right length. The colours really pop out of the wall.
Such a fun little easy project that only took me 5 minutes. Very happy with how they look on her wall and so each to grab when she needs to wear one of them. You could hang anything in this way, if you have some little jackets or tops that you want to display. Or even create one for your own room, there are so many different ways to make this work, I may just hang up some of my tops like this in my room, like I said.....very little storage in our home ;).


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