Friday, February 14, 2014

The Block Fans vs Faves Week 1: Guest Rooms

For those of you living in Australia if you have not been watching The Block Fans vs Faves you are missing out!! It is on almost every night and is just the best show on television.

For those of you who don't know about this show it is a reality show where the contestants are given the massive task of creating four brand new apartments. The building they have been working in is an old cinema based in Melbourne, Victoria and all they have been given is the four exterior brick walls and a few beams on the inside, otherwise that's it! Each week they are required to present at least one room, which means deciding on the size of the room, the placement of the walls, the ceiling height and of course what goes in it. I'm telling you....if you haven't been watching you are missing out! They are all basically amateur designers and decorators but what they come up with is so amazing and inspirational I just had to share.

Each week there is a winner that gets a cash prize to go towards the rest of their apartments.  The first week the contestants were tasked on creating a guest bedroom, and the winners were the twin girls Alisa and Lysandra, this is there room.

Their room is just amazing and they are definitely the winners in my opinion. So to further share my opinion each week when I feature these rooms I will share with you my Love It and Leave It parts of the rooms. So in Alisa and Lysandra's room I

Love It..........the wood panel wall is just amazing and such a fantastic feature
Leave It.........whilst I love the study nook and think it is such a fantastic use of space, the wardrobe is just a tiny bit too small. I know it's a guest room so the storage does not necessarily need to be big but I would have made the study nook landing twice the size so that the wardrobe had effectively two wardrobes next to each other.  

Brad and Dale's Room

Love It.......The artwork is amazing and the colours are awesome.
Leave It......The basic bed decor. The artwork provides so much colour and can really give you so many options however they chose the more bland colours from the artwork for the cushions, I would have used one of the brighter colours to create a real pop of colour. And also tried to incorporate the style of the artwork into the cushions as well. Maybe something like this:

Chantelle and Steve's Room

 Love It......I love the window furnishing in this room, so creative and fun. Vintage prints and styling are really on trend at the moment.
Leave It......the cowhide rug. There are so many rooms that cowhide works in, this one I would say is not one of them.

Kyal and Kara's Room

Love It.......The bedside pendant lights. The contestants made them as part of a challenge and of course they won the challenge. The use of the raw wood is fantastic and I love the way they have continued to use the raw wood in the rest of the room.
Leave It.....The artwork. One of the pieces of artwork would have been more than enough in this room, however the second piece makes the room overdone. I would have also been inclined to take away the artwork above the bed and let the pendants be the feature on that wall.

Each week the contestants present a different room so I can't wait to show you the rooms each week, well for the next nine weeks anyway.

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