Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 2 on The Block: Bathroom and Terrace Reveal

Another week down on The Block Fans vs Faves and this week was the reveal of the Bathroom and Terrace. Included in this reveal was also the laundry that the contestants chose to put inside a cupboard to save on space. I would normally not like this idea but the fact that they have a terrace right next door makes it all possible.  So here is my weekly love it and leave it post for the latest room reveal.

Brad and Dale....WINNERS!
Love it.....I love a lot about this room, the tile choice, the re purposed wood panels, the concrete walls, the decor colours. They did a fantastic job with this one.
Leave it.....Now I like vertical gardens but hanging plants...not my favourite. If they had have included the vertical garden attached to the concrete wall it would have looked fantastic. Maybe next time.

Chantelle and Steve
Love it.....The artwork on the brick wall outside looks fantastic and I absolutely love the exposed brick walls.
Leave it.....The wrought iron chairs with the mosaic table. It seems to work okay with their style but I think they could have chosen something a little better and more high class.

Kyal and Kara
Love it.....The honeycomb tiles are great. I love that they have used lighter grout, it really gives them a pop.
Leave it.....It looks like they have forgotten about the terrace a little bit, obviously run out of time, so it's a bit boring.

Alisa and Lysandra
Love it....The Terrace looks fantastic. What you can't see is the roof has amazing stencil work so the Asian style they have run with on the terrace is definitely my love for the week.
Leave it.....I do really like the pendant light they have chosen to include above the sink however I would have chosen something a little brighter so that it stands out from the walls a little more.

What would you love and leave with the bathroom and terraces from The Block? Hope you're enjoying the show as much as me!


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