Thursday, March 27, 2014

Love it or Leave it: The Block Week 7

I feel like every time I post on here lately I start with an apology for lack of action. This week I have an excuse.....I promise! My little girl is quite unwell at the moment. She not only has an ear infection but also the horrible barking cough, better known as croup. The poor thing, it is so hard to watch and know that there is nothing I can do to help her. Lots of cuddles have certainly been helping.....I think.

Anyway aside from that bad stuff I have to put up my love it or leave it post from The Block room reveals from last week. They are in their final room week at the moment and I have a feeling the reveals are going to be spectacular. Getting ahead of myself so lets get stuck into last weeks reveals.

Brad and Dale's Master Bedroom and Ensuite WINNER
Love it....I think the boys did a fantastic job this week, there are a few points that I think they could have done better but overall, a great room. I love the idea of the bath in the bedroom! I don't know that I would put it in my own home but am very impressed that the boys did it. The drapes are beautiful, the mirror is amazing. I know the girls included this mirror in their room as well, but just love it! The bathroom is also really well done.
Leave it....Apart from the fact that I love the bath in the bedroom, I think they could have done the wood paneling a little bit better and made it look a little bit more stylish. I don't like the way they did the wardrobe, simply not enough room and finally the glass door on the bathroom. Should have been a solid door simply for the fact that there is a toilet in the bathroom.

Chantelle and Steve's Master Bedroom and Ensuite
Love it....I really like a lot of aspects of this room too. I really like the wood paneling in the room, the bedhead is fantastic and the bedside tables are really creative and well done.
Leave it....Whilst I love a lot of the aspects of this room, I don't think they really work well together.  I think this room has way too much to look at and it could be confusing on the eye. The wood paneling on one wall, the black wall and then the crazy tiles in the bathroom. Chantelle and Steve have a bad way of mixing too many different themes and styles into one room. The look of the sinks is also pretty cool but I just don't see them as practical. I could see water splashing all over the mirror as the basins just aren't deep enough. That's a lot of cleaning that I just don't need!

Alisa and Lysandra's Master Bedroom and Ensuite
Love it....Love the bathroom girls!!! The jets.....I would love to have a shower with them on! I really like the tile selection and the vanity selection, just beautiful.
Leave it....What I don't like however is the wardrobe. I think they were really great with the storage in the bedroom itself but I think they should have maintained the dark wood in the walk in wardrobe. I just don't think what they have completed is high end enough and just looks a little bit off. I think the girls can do a lot better than that!

Kyal and Kara's Master Bedroom and Ensuite
Love it....I like the lights beside the bed, they are pretty cool and a real feature.
Leave it....I know they are called the Super K's but I just don't think this room was really their best. I think that the wardrobe looks a bit cheap and the vanity looks a bit stringy. I think the black metal was a great idea but I would have made it a floating vanity with a black steel frame that was a bit thicker. I hope that the television is on a bracket that pops out from the wall so it can face the bed, otherwise it is simply in a really bad position.

What do you guys love and what would you leave in these rooms. Please feel free to join the discussion and comment below.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Autumn is here!

You have all probably noticed that Autumn is now in full swing down here in Australia. The hot weather days have basically disappeared, pants are on and it's almost boot weather.......YAY!! I love boots! I'm just about ready to wipe of the dusty boxes and bust them out, but in typical Melbourne style, tomorrow is going to be warm......not hot, warm.

One thing I am super excited about though is the new seasons products hitting the shops. If you have been reading for a little while now you will probably know that one of my favourite stores is Keeki. They have amazing furniture and homewares at their stores, so many beautiful pieces that I would love to be able to style with one day.

Keeki have recently released their Autumn look book, head over to their website by clicking here to check it out in detail. Here is a little preview for you.
Love the Deco Armcair, would love the have that sitting in the corner of my room!
 The colour scheme in this room is just beautiful.

Organic furniture is very much on trend at the moment. I have fallen in love with the coffee table and side tables above. They are perfect!
They have also recently launched their online store, such an amazing feature so head over by clicking here to check it out. I absolutely love this store so make sure you check it out!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Love it or Leave it: Week 6 on The Block

What a controversial week we had on The Block this week. Plenty of arguments and drama's but I guess that's pretty normal. I have deliberately chosen not to rant on here before because well no one really wants to here it and I'm really focusing on being a positive person so who wants negativity. So to put my well "positive" spin on this weeks results, I'm going with 'Chantelle and Steve really needed some extra money so great job to them for winning this week!' There you go, my opinion, now lets get stuck into our love it and leave it's for this week.

Chantelle and Steve's Living and Dining Area WINNER!!
Love it....I really liked the selection of lounge that Chantelle and Steve went with this week, a beautiful colour and very neutral to blend with their kitchen area.
Leave it....Whilst the styling was very minimal for the couple this week I really can't see why they needed to include the deer thingy. Not really necessary in my opinion so leave that out.

Kyal and Kara's Living and Dining Area
Love it....You can't see it in these photos but I absolutely adore what Kyal and Kara did with their stair case wall. The wood all the way up was just beautiful, however for what you can see I really like their sheer drapes. A beautiful feature in the room.
Leave it....I do like this room quite a bit and I don't know if I can really use this as my leave it because I have never been in this room, but I think the feel of this room would be a bit off. If you think about all the texture and materials they have used I think the room would be quite cold and uninviting. They have a tiled floor, concrete walls, a glass top table, laminate cabinetry in the kitchen, metal framed entertainment unit and coffee table and lots of polished wood. These are all reflective surfaces. I know they included the sound wall behind the television but I could just see this room feeling very uncomfortable due to the potential echo, and cold feeling. They could have chosen to do plaster walls instead of concrete, a thicker rug and maybe another lounge chair to absorb a bit of the cool and sound.

Alisa and Lysandra's Living and Dining Area
Love it....In my opinion, these areas were the best, they would have drawn but missed out by 1 bonus point....bummer! There are lots of things I like about these rooms and I think the judges got a bit nit picky with their criticisms but that's ok. So I love.....the dining table and chairs, the floor boards, the fireplace, the lounge and the side table as well. Some very cools stuff in these rooms.
Leave it....I don't really understand why they went with blue around their television. To me is it an unusual colour and basically just a bit odd.

Brad and Dale's Living and Dining Area
Love it....I also really liked a lot about this area. I love the wood television wall, ties in really well with their kitchen bench. I loved the wood storage area as well, great use of space and the rug I also really enjoy. One of my most favourite things that I can't wait to purchase myself were the candle holders on the dining table, little I know but I love them. Here's an up close photo to show you properly......LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Leave it....When it comes to what I would want to leave out of this area, I can only come up with the dining chairs. I just don't think they work. I think the boys might have tried to stay away from white, seeing as though the judges criticized them last week for exactly that, but I just think white would have suited the space better. The photos may also not show you the proper colour but that judgement is just from what I can see.

What do you love or would you leave in these rooms. Join in the conversation by commenting below!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Love it or Leave It: Week 5 on The Block

I'm running a bit late again this week, so much going on for me at the moment that there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Before I get carried away chatting with you all I'll get stuck into this weeks love it or leave it w=for Week 5 of The Block, Kitchen Week!!!

Alisa and Lysandra's Kitchen WINNER

Love it....I love the colours that the girls went with this week, fabulous! And of course the grandeur of their kitchen, I believe it was really smart that they relocated the kitchen so it would make a big impact, it certainly worked for them!
Leave it....I think they should have made their cabinetry go all the way to the ceiling. I think it was Brad or Dale that mentioned that you can see the top when you walk down the stairs, that is just painful as the owners will have to keep it clean. I love the idea of an open area between the top of your cabinetry and the ceiling, but only if you can't see it! It can make your ceilings look really high, everyone loves high ceilings.

Brad and Dale's Kitchen

Love it....I know the judges didn't like it but I loved the curved bench, such a cool statement in a kitchen. Aside from that though, their artwork was sensational. I feel in love with it straight away, it made such a big impact and it was just beautiful.
Leave it....I must say I agreed with Neil Whitaker when he said that start white and bright kitchens are a bit outdated now and I think that is what they have done. I think their kitchen looked great and the light and airy style is definitely my thing but I think it was just a bit much. Still a lovely kitchen though.

Chantelle and Steve's Kitchen
Love it....I really liked the colour scheme Chantelle and Steve went with, I think the colours work really well together and the exposed brick wall, such a great feature.
Leave it....I did feel though that there was a little too much going on in their kitchen. I am interested to see how their floor plan works when they are all done because I just can't imagine there being enough room. They did a good job though, I think this is probably their best room so far.

Kyal and Kara's Kitchen
Love it....I absolutely loved what Kyal and Kara did with their exposed brick splashback. You can't see it very well in these photos but they placed a wall of glass over the bricks, it just looks fantastic, such a great idea.
Leave it....I really did like their kitchen but I think they are starting to get a bit too carried away with all the wood. As much as I adore wood as well I think that putting it in pretty much every room will be too much. It will be interesting to see if it has any effect on buyers at the auction.

Anything you would like to add to my loves and leaves??? Looking forward to next week....its Living and Dining Room week. I can't wait to see what the couples come up with.


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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Love it and Leave it for The Block: Weeks 3 and 4

Firstly I have to apologise to everyone! I have been flat out lately with all sorts of different happenings in my life that I haven't had the chance to post in a little while. Hopefully things will start to settle down soon so I will have a bit more time on my hands.

As I missed last week I thought I would share with you all a Love It and Leave it for weeks 3 and 4 of The Block Fans vs Faves. There has been quite a bit of controversy going on in the last week of the show, and as much as I would love to add my bit and have a rant I'm not going to. There is just no need to add to the negativity of it all so lets just get on with what we all came here to do. Enjoy.....

Kyal and Kara's winning Bedroom 2 and winning Bathroom:
Love it....I loved a lot about this room, I think they did a fantastic job and really deserved the win. But I have to say my favourite would have to be the colour scheme they chose. The artwork was fantastic and to take pops of colour and bring that into the rest of the room, it looks great! They also didn't go overboard with pillows and cushions so that worked in their favour as well.
Leave it....With this room I think I would have left the different coloured side tables. I like the tables the way they are but do not think they should have been different in colour, stick with the black and it would have been a nice finishing touch.
Love it...This bathroom was also a pretty special bathroom, that's obviously why they won yet again! I loved the bath itself, such an amazing feature in a high end apartment so great choice guys!
Leave it...I understand the wood and the light colour tiles are a major feature in this bathroom but I just didn't really like the tiles all that much. The honeycomb tiles in the shower are pretty cool but the other tiles to me just look old. I'm sure if I was standing in the bathroom I would think a little differently but I think I would have gone for something else to further compliment this bathroom.

Alisa and Lysandra's Bedroom 2 and Bathroom:
Love it...Love the colour scheme of this room too, the pop of colour is amazing and the original artwork is just spectacular.
Leave it....The wooden stick type wall lights. Not my thing, don't believe they really fit in the room but that's just me.

Love it...The concrete vanity and sink are just beautiful, I would love to have something like that in my home. I also love the way they have incorporated the wood underneath the vanity as well, an effective little feature.
Leave it...I think you all know what I'm going to say here, the moss. I understand what they were trying to achieve but I think they could have found something a bit more classy and high end and worked with that. The moss is also the only colour they really have in the room, so some funky towels would have also done the trick.

Brad and Dales Bedroom 2 and Bathroom:
Love it...I loved the artwork in this room, so cool! They have taken too many of the different colours and tried to incorporate them in the room, but I still really like what could have come from this piece.
Leave it...Now whilst I don't generally agree with the things Shaynna has to say, I did agree with one of her comments about the fact that they have included multiple different types of wood in this room. The dark wooden wardrobe, the light wooden frame around the print and the additional wood for the bed frame and the bedside tables, just a little too much going on.

Love it...I really liked this bathroom. They did a great job with the limited space they had. As much as the judges questioned the fact that they haven't included a bath tub I think it was the right choice. The room is a lot more spacious and they have not cluttered it too much. I really liked their vanity as well. I enjoyed the wood feature and also the way the hand towels can be stored underneath. Creative.
Leave it...This might be a little petty but the only things I would say to leave would be the gold bin, just a bit odd to me, and the green towel. Petty I know but that's all I could come up with.

Chantelle and Steve's Bedroom 2 and Bathroom:
Love it...Now I'm sure I'm supposed to say I love the feature wall, it looks good but to me it's just ok. One feature about this wall that I do like however is how they have framed it and included feature lighting above the bed. It creates a really photogenic room as you can see in the photograph above.
Leave it...The Indian cushion. I get that they were trying to run with a theme for this room but the cushion......certainly not my thing!

Love it...I liked that they have included a spa bath in their room. It would be amazing to sit in a spa bath and watch the world outside the window. Such a nice feature.
Leave it...I think I would have chosen a different sink. It's obviously their style which is fine but I have found their style and my style to be very different. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if it were me I would have chosen something a little more sleek with clean lines.

I hope you are all enjoying your week. I am heading away over the long weekend and really looking forward to the break. Can't wait to just relax by the pool or the beach, if the weather decides to help us out! Look forward to chatting again in a few days.