Thursday, March 13, 2014

Love it or Leave It: Week 5 on The Block

I'm running a bit late again this week, so much going on for me at the moment that there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Before I get carried away chatting with you all I'll get stuck into this weeks love it or leave it w=for Week 5 of The Block, Kitchen Week!!!

Alisa and Lysandra's Kitchen WINNER

Love it....I love the colours that the girls went with this week, fabulous! And of course the grandeur of their kitchen, I believe it was really smart that they relocated the kitchen so it would make a big impact, it certainly worked for them!
Leave it....I think they should have made their cabinetry go all the way to the ceiling. I think it was Brad or Dale that mentioned that you can see the top when you walk down the stairs, that is just painful as the owners will have to keep it clean. I love the idea of an open area between the top of your cabinetry and the ceiling, but only if you can't see it! It can make your ceilings look really high, everyone loves high ceilings.

Brad and Dale's Kitchen

Love it....I know the judges didn't like it but I loved the curved bench, such a cool statement in a kitchen. Aside from that though, their artwork was sensational. I feel in love with it straight away, it made such a big impact and it was just beautiful.
Leave it....I must say I agreed with Neil Whitaker when he said that start white and bright kitchens are a bit outdated now and I think that is what they have done. I think their kitchen looked great and the light and airy style is definitely my thing but I think it was just a bit much. Still a lovely kitchen though.

Chantelle and Steve's Kitchen
Love it....I really liked the colour scheme Chantelle and Steve went with, I think the colours work really well together and the exposed brick wall, such a great feature.
Leave it....I did feel though that there was a little too much going on in their kitchen. I am interested to see how their floor plan works when they are all done because I just can't imagine there being enough room. They did a good job though, I think this is probably their best room so far.

Kyal and Kara's Kitchen
Love it....I absolutely loved what Kyal and Kara did with their exposed brick splashback. You can't see it very well in these photos but they placed a wall of glass over the bricks, it just looks fantastic, such a great idea.
Leave it....I really did like their kitchen but I think they are starting to get a bit too carried away with all the wood. As much as I adore wood as well I think that putting it in pretty much every room will be too much. It will be interesting to see if it has any effect on buyers at the auction.

Anything you would like to add to my loves and leaves??? Looking forward to next week....its Living and Dining Room week. I can't wait to see what the couples come up with.


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