Monday, March 17, 2014

Love it or Leave it: Week 6 on The Block

What a controversial week we had on The Block this week. Plenty of arguments and drama's but I guess that's pretty normal. I have deliberately chosen not to rant on here before because well no one really wants to here it and I'm really focusing on being a positive person so who wants negativity. So to put my well "positive" spin on this weeks results, I'm going with 'Chantelle and Steve really needed some extra money so great job to them for winning this week!' There you go, my opinion, now lets get stuck into our love it and leave it's for this week.

Chantelle and Steve's Living and Dining Area WINNER!!
Love it....I really liked the selection of lounge that Chantelle and Steve went with this week, a beautiful colour and very neutral to blend with their kitchen area.
Leave it....Whilst the styling was very minimal for the couple this week I really can't see why they needed to include the deer thingy. Not really necessary in my opinion so leave that out.

Kyal and Kara's Living and Dining Area
Love it....You can't see it in these photos but I absolutely adore what Kyal and Kara did with their stair case wall. The wood all the way up was just beautiful, however for what you can see I really like their sheer drapes. A beautiful feature in the room.
Leave it....I do like this room quite a bit and I don't know if I can really use this as my leave it because I have never been in this room, but I think the feel of this room would be a bit off. If you think about all the texture and materials they have used I think the room would be quite cold and uninviting. They have a tiled floor, concrete walls, a glass top table, laminate cabinetry in the kitchen, metal framed entertainment unit and coffee table and lots of polished wood. These are all reflective surfaces. I know they included the sound wall behind the television but I could just see this room feeling very uncomfortable due to the potential echo, and cold feeling. They could have chosen to do plaster walls instead of concrete, a thicker rug and maybe another lounge chair to absorb a bit of the cool and sound.

Alisa and Lysandra's Living and Dining Area
Love it....In my opinion, these areas were the best, they would have drawn but missed out by 1 bonus point....bummer! There are lots of things I like about these rooms and I think the judges got a bit nit picky with their criticisms but that's ok. So I love.....the dining table and chairs, the floor boards, the fireplace, the lounge and the side table as well. Some very cools stuff in these rooms.
Leave it....I don't really understand why they went with blue around their television. To me is it an unusual colour and basically just a bit odd.

Brad and Dale's Living and Dining Area
Love it....I also really liked a lot about this area. I love the wood television wall, ties in really well with their kitchen bench. I loved the wood storage area as well, great use of space and the rug I also really enjoy. One of my most favourite things that I can't wait to purchase myself were the candle holders on the dining table, little I know but I love them. Here's an up close photo to show you properly......LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Leave it....When it comes to what I would want to leave out of this area, I can only come up with the dining chairs. I just don't think they work. I think the boys might have tried to stay away from white, seeing as though the judges criticized them last week for exactly that, but I just think white would have suited the space better. The photos may also not show you the proper colour but that judgement is just from what I can see.

What do you love or would you leave in these rooms. Join in the conversation by commenting below!

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