Sunday, April 20, 2014

Update: Women's Beauty Box Review

Since I published my last post I have had some contact from one of the beauty box providers I talked about, Lust Have It.  They have now provided me not only with their beauty box but also their women's Fab Box. So generous of them to send me with these boxes to review, always a fun day when a package arrives at your door!

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when the beauty box arrived, mostly because it wasn't a box, it was the products wrapped in bubble wrap.  Here's a photo for you.
Now I understand if they are just getting started but I thought it might be better than that. The products were also as described in my last post, very small. They are explained as being sample products but I wasn't expecting them to be that small. I have had a bit of a play with the products and they seem fine to me, although the Orly nail polish is a glitter that I don't really use. It's completely fine though, they can't please everybody.

However lets get onto the Women's Fab Box. Now that I am very impressed with. Maybe they are just starting with the beauty box but have nailed the Fab Box.  It came in a nice Black box, unfortunately I don't have a photograph of that because I kinda destroyed it trying to get into it. They tapped it up really good and plastered my address all over it so unfortunately...gone!  Here is what it looked like when I opened it up though....
And check out the products!!
A few more details for you:
I was very happy with the fact that all of these products are full size products, no samples to be seen in this box! And who would have thought jewellery and a scarf!!  I did think it was a bit odd that all the makeup products were lip products, but then again, I don't have any of these products or these colours, I'm currently building up my lippy pile. I have had a play with each of them, the lip stain and the lip gloss are great, the colours really last and are strong colours. The lipstick however, the first time I put this on it was barely even noticeable. That may be because I have quite bright coloured lips though, it might work for others if you tend to have paler lips. I did however try it a bit differently the second time. I put concealer (or you could use foundation) over my lips to dull them down a bit, the lipstick was much better when I did this, it is a very neutral lip tone but I like it. You could also pair it with another stronger lip colour to dull it down a bit, just a different way of creating another lip colour.

I still have to say that the Violetbox was my favourite but the Fax Box by Lust Have it was good too. Click on the links provided to check them out for yourself!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Women's Beauty Box Review

I have been delaying this post for a little while now waiting to hear back from one of my contacts but have been unsuccessful and don't want to wait any longer! So in the last few months I have come across a fantastic new trend...... women's beauty boxes, I must say when discovered I was a bit like......'what are these???' until I did a bit more research and discovered not only a fabulous idea, but some amazing beauty products.  Now in case you haven't heard about them, Beauty Boxes are a subscription service where you simply subscribe to the one you would like, pay a small monthly fee, and each month you get a lovely knock at the door with a beautiful box delivered with your goodies. Each box contains around 5-6 sample beauty products. The key word being 'SAMPLE'.  Sometimes you get full sized products, but generally only if they are small, otherwise the products are all samples. I can understand this as you only pay a small fee for your box but I just want you all to be fully aware.

I did some research on this industry and discovered more than I thought, there are several Beauty Box Providers across the globe. I focused my attention on the Australian providers, seeing as though I am an Aussie myself. After getting in contact with a few providers who very generously provided me with their beauty boxes for the month of March, I have now had the chance check them out, get some details and get you all a bit of a review.

So here are the boxes that I have reviewed for you.

I have seen this box advertised like crazy on the internet lately, this was the starting point for me. I looked into Bellabox a bit further and got myself a box.  Check out the gorgeous box that the products come in.
I unwrapped the felt like Christmas....and this is what I saw!! How exciting!
To give you some more information I have detailed what the products are below together with details about Bellabox.
1. Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner (350ml) RRP $7.99 each
The hydrating Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner conditions each hair strands oh-so-gently, and quickly restores healthy, shiny hair with its clean-rinse technology. This super duo swiftly cleanses away residue, leaving hair lightweight and soft for a style you want without the weight and flatness. A salon-perfect look has never been easier!

2. St Tropez Gradual Tan RRP $33.96
Look like you just came back from a trip at the beaches of St Tropez with St Tropez Gradual Tan. Its hydrating Aloe Vera-infused formula makes sure that your skin gets all the moisturising care it needs while it provides a subtle slap of self-tan glow that builds up with every application. Expect a stunning golden glow gradually that is so natural, no one will believe that it’s a self-tanning stint!
3. Modelco Party Proof Liptick in Cream Matte - Bimbo RRP $16.95
A bimbo? Never! ModelCo Party Proof Cream-Matte Lipstick in Bimbo? We’ll have one please! A hot pink shade that’ll make our inner-bimbos shout “Hallelujah”, its long-lasting and creamy pigments glide on easily without drying the lips. Kiss-proof, drink-proof and party-proof, this is the BFF for party girlies in us.

4. Wotnot Facial Wipes (25pk) RRP $7.95
Wouldn't it be nice to wipe down your face whenever you felt like it without having to run to a bathroom or without having to carry around a bottle of face wash? The creators of Wotnot facial wipes thought so too, which is why they've given you the opportunity to tote a lightweight package of soft, biodegradable facial wipes to use after exercise, to freshen up at the office or to remove makeup and grime in the evening after your daily activities. Wherever you go, whatever situation you find yourself in, you can now face it with soft, supple skin that feels cleansed, bright and ready for whatever you need to take on.
The inclusion of all natural ingredients, like aloe, rosehip oil and Vitamin E, and the exclusion of anything unnatural means that you get “wot's good” and nothing “wot's not.”
5. Coconut Revolution Lip Balm Stick RRP $7.95
Whether you’re indoor or on-the-go, or in between seasons, pay special attention to your lips and keep it moisturized with Coconut Revolution Lip Balm. Condition with its moisture-rich Coconut Oil for a set of smooth and supple pucker!

You might also notice from the unwrapping photo that there was a small sample of paw paw cream included as well. Unfortunately I LOVE paw paw cream and managed to get into that product and empty it within a matter of minutes, so as you can see....not included in these pics.

Now for the nitty gritty, a Bellabox subscription is $15.00 a month, that includes your shipping costs. For such a low monthly cost you are getting some great products, when I tried to total the RRP for all of these products it was well over the $50 mark! I really enjoyed this box and the great products. I was hoping though that I might be able to find some new products that I have never heard of or used before, unfortunately I already know all of these brands and have tried most of them already. But that's ok, I now have a few more products to sample. If you want to check the Bellabox out in more details, go to the website here.
After a bit more research I discovered Violetbox. Another great provider! I got in contact with them and they were incredibly generous and offered to send me out a box. When I unwrapped the packaging for Violetbox here is what I found. What a gorgeous box! I would have been happy to pay the subscription price just to get my hands on this box!
After opening my next early Christmas present....isn't it pretty!

Now the lovely lady at Violetbox did send me a photo of the products with the details but for some reason I can't get it to attach to this post. She also provided me with the details in writing so these are what I will include, written by the lovely Vesile from Violetbox:

1. Mirenesse – Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine RRP $39.95 (4.5g)
“Prepare For The Kiss"

A plumping gloss for really full, sexy lips 24hrs a day. Our exclusive formula is a 3 in 1 self-renewing glossy colour, Microcollagen instant lip plumper, and long term anti-ageing lip treatment.

2. SweetPea & Fay Mineral Eyeshadow 10g $14.99
The eye shadows are super blendable long wearing formula. They are easily built up for maximum shade intensity. Wear wet or dry! This is a Vegan product.

3. Starlooks Gem Pencil  - Amethyst RRP $19.50
We are so excited for this product to be available in our March box! Starlooks' extremely popular Gem Eye Pencils are created with a magnificent metallic finish and are so versatile, soft, and creamy that they can be easily used as liners as well as eye bases! Each highly-pigmented, unique pencil has a gorgeous, micro-glitter finish. Available in 6 brilliant glistening shades in the VB Shop!

4. Love those Lashes New Silk Strip Lashes – RRP $14.95
New Silk Strip lashes reusable up to 15 times and come in a protective case to store your lashes after use. These lashes are made of the finest material and can be cut and shaped to fit perfectly to your eye shape and size. Instructions are included on the back and the Love Those Lashes Silk Strip lashes come with glue.

5. Acorelle Skincare – Night Cream RRP $49.50 (50ml)
Night cream: to repair the skin after the stress it has been subjected to during the day, and make it firmer - This product also comes as a Day cream and Serum. Day cream: to combat skin ageing, moisturise it and make it radiant on a daily basis. Serum: for a powerful anti-oxidant action thanks to its high AOA content.

As you can see in the photo above, and my description of the items, there is only 1 sample sized product in this box.....1!  This box is a little bit more expensive coming in at $22.95 a month. When I first saw the price I thought it was a bit much.  But when I received the box I completely understood. You might pay a little bit extra but you certainly get that little bit extra! Most of these products are full size products that total up to over $100 RRP. That's amazing value for your money!! I also liked that they are more makeup related. These products are always really expensive at the shops so you don't get to experiment as much, so to get products like these to test at such a low price is just a perfect solution for all the beauty lovers out there!  A lot of these brands were new to me too so I get to play with some new toys.

I was so excited about this box when I opened it up, the products are amazing. Make sure you check them out here and get one of these goodies for yourself!

Lust have it
The last Beauty Box I was hoping to review was the Lust Have It beauty box. I tried to contact someone from Lust Have It but had quite a bit of trouble so I had to source my information and photographs from here.  But here it is...

So here's what you get inside the box, a little bit easier for you to read:

Bloom Secret Weapon Concealer Kit RRP $20.00 
Full Size Received 
There are 2 colour correctors, 3 different shades of concealer and 1 illuminator.

Aveda intensive Hydrating Mask 150ml RRP $79.95
Received 7ml
A face mask for dryness and stress. This sample would probably last 1 use.

Gatineau Refreshing Melting Scrub 75ml RRP $58.00
Received 15ml
It's an exfoliator.

Klara Kiss Proof Lips in 03 8ml RRP $29.00
Received 1.2ml
Love the colour but looks quite small.

Orly Nail Lacquer in Hottie 18ml RRP $18.95
Received 5.4ml

Not sure what this is exactly and can't read what it says in the photograph :(.


Refreshing Melting Scrub - sample - which I think is another exfoliator.

I apologise for the lack of detail here but I really didn't have much to go on and the website doesn't actually tell you what was in the recently released box. I have done a bit of research on this product and there seem to be quite a few unhappy customers. The products seem small and some of them seem to be double ups. As I said I have not got this box so I can't give you a first hand account of what it is like but I do generally read reviews before I try something new, unfortunately based on the reviews I don't think I will purchase this box. But please don't take my word for it, you should do your own research.

However the Lust have It box is $19.95 per month and they advise that is is for the value of $60.00.  If one of you do give it a try I would love to hear what you think! 
I think out of all of the box it is safe to say my favourite was the Violetbox. It included such amazing products that I am already loving and the service is also fantastic. I contacted them randomly and really didn't expect much of a response, let alone have them send me out a box. It was so generous....I'm so glad I made contact!

I do love the idea of Beauty Boxes and think they are such a fantastic idea, I would most likely not have purchased some of these products at the shops but now I have tried them and love some of them, I will go and pick them up. Cudos to the person who came up with this idea! Jump onboard guys, try some  of them yourself and see what you think, I would love to hear some of your reviews.


Friday, April 4, 2014

A week of BIG Announcements!

The past few weeks have been very busy for me but incredibly exciting at the same time! I have two fun things to share with you all.

We have bought a new house!!!!! Yay, so exciting. We have been looking for over 6 months now and one finally came up that was exactly what we were looking for. The house is probably around 30 years old so as you can imagine needs some renovations done. The kitchen was renovated recently but the bathrooms are nice and old so hanging out to fix them up. And it has a huge backyard so woooo another new build! I'm so excited about it and cannot wait until we get to move in and put our stamp on the property. Here is a little sneak peak of the house. I won't be including all the interior shots because I have taken the photographs from the real estate website so some of the current owners furniture is still in the property.
More renovating posts headed your way! I also have some really great ideas on making packing up your house and moving that little bit easier, I'll make sure to share them with you all as well.

We are going overseas later this year!! We will have moved into our new house just 2 months before we fly overseas. We have a family wedding in Canada so we are making the most of being overseas and ticking a few things off our bucket list. I have always wanted to go to Italy so.......10 days in Italy.
Then heading over the Gran Canaria....because why wouldn't you want to go here...
From there Madrid is calling our name, so a week in Spain.
Then we fly over to the lovely Toronto for our wedding. Super excited for this wedding, it is going to be just beautiful.
After spending around 10 days in Toronto with the family we are heading home via NEW YORK!!! Ohhhhh I can't wait to go shopping!
(Wierd that I picked all night time photos.......maybe it's because they look amazing!)

It's going to be such an amazing holiday and I can't wait. The only thing that is making me a little bit nervous is that I have to do a bit of travel by myself with my little girl. She will be 1 by then which is great but it will just be me and her on the plane when we leave Australia. Then our flight from Madrid to Toronto will also be just the two of us. I'm a little bit nervous about it but I'm sure everything will be fine. And if I need help, she's pretty cute, so I'm sure the flight attendants would love to have a little hold ;)!

I will be doing my best to share as much of these two amazing adventures with you all, I can't wait to investigate some fancy interiors in some of these amazing countries and of course get stuck into our new renovations. Such a big year ahead, but hey.....who likes being bored right!


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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Love it or Leave it: Week 8 on The Block

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week has been as exciting as mine....more on that later! But for now, lets get stuck into this weeks Love it or Leave it for week 8 on The Block. This week was outdoor week so the contestants revealed their terraces. They also had a redo room but I'm not going to bother with that. If you want to check them out, see the link at the bottom of this post to head over and have a look.

Kyal and Kara's Terrace WINNER
Love it....I think that Kyal and Kara did a fantastic job on their upstairs terrace this week. The pop of colour in the cushions is amazing and really livens up the area. I think their furniture selection is very good and I love the fire pit in the middle of the room for those cold winter nights. They have made it so you can entertain all year round.
Leave it....Whilst their upstairs is just fantastic I think they failed with downstairs. I like the table and choice of chairs but that's about it. People are looking to pay around $2 million for these apartments, the small BBQ and the ugly hose on the wall is, in my opinion, just not good enough.

Brad and Dale's Terrace 
Love it....I think the boys did a good job this week too. I like the tiled wall upstairs and the real entertainment aspect of it. The planter boxes downstairs are nice too.
Leave it....I think they probably should have added more furniture. They have a table and chairs upstairs which is great but that's kind of it. I think a nice outdoor lounge upstairs would have been nice. I know they are all running out of money so that is probably most of the problem but I'm sure they could have found some furniture somewhere.

Alisa and Lysandra's Terrace 
Love it....I also really like what the girls did this week both upstairs and downstairs. The greenery is fantastic, the furniture selection is really nice and I even like the round chair they have included downstairs. I think they have a winning apartment here!
Leave it....Now I get the whole issue with the violation of building codes, so I think they should have fixed that before the reveal but I also don't really understand the grey esky looking boxes upstairs. I'm not sure exactly what they are but think they could have been left out.

Chantelle and Steve's Terrace 
Love it....I think Chantelle and Steve did a lovely job of their downstairs terrace. The bench seat and table selection is lovely. And the wood fire oven is a nice addition, would have been better if it was built in, but still a nice addition. I also liked the stools they used upstairs, some funky coloured industrial stools are always great.
Leave it....I don't understand however why they went with the ply wood on the walls upstairs and also the day bed. Little confusing and not their best choices.

The auctions are next week for these fabulous apartments so I can't wait to share those details with you all. However until then the contestants are renovating two houses of fans of the show. I will share some before and after photos with you once they have finished.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.

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