Friday, April 4, 2014

A week of BIG Announcements!

The past few weeks have been very busy for me but incredibly exciting at the same time! I have two fun things to share with you all.

We have bought a new house!!!!! Yay, so exciting. We have been looking for over 6 months now and one finally came up that was exactly what we were looking for. The house is probably around 30 years old so as you can imagine needs some renovations done. The kitchen was renovated recently but the bathrooms are nice and old so hanging out to fix them up. And it has a huge backyard so woooo another new build! I'm so excited about it and cannot wait until we get to move in and put our stamp on the property. Here is a little sneak peak of the house. I won't be including all the interior shots because I have taken the photographs from the real estate website so some of the current owners furniture is still in the property.
More renovating posts headed your way! I also have some really great ideas on making packing up your house and moving that little bit easier, I'll make sure to share them with you all as well.

We are going overseas later this year!! We will have moved into our new house just 2 months before we fly overseas. We have a family wedding in Canada so we are making the most of being overseas and ticking a few things off our bucket list. I have always wanted to go to Italy so.......10 days in Italy.
Then heading over the Gran Canaria....because why wouldn't you want to go here...
From there Madrid is calling our name, so a week in Spain.
Then we fly over to the lovely Toronto for our wedding. Super excited for this wedding, it is going to be just beautiful.
After spending around 10 days in Toronto with the family we are heading home via NEW YORK!!! Ohhhhh I can't wait to go shopping!
(Wierd that I picked all night time photos.......maybe it's because they look amazing!)

It's going to be such an amazing holiday and I can't wait. The only thing that is making me a little bit nervous is that I have to do a bit of travel by myself with my little girl. She will be 1 by then which is great but it will just be me and her on the plane when we leave Australia. Then our flight from Madrid to Toronto will also be just the two of us. I'm a little bit nervous about it but I'm sure everything will be fine. And if I need help, she's pretty cute, so I'm sure the flight attendants would love to have a little hold ;)!

I will be doing my best to share as much of these two amazing adventures with you all, I can't wait to investigate some fancy interiors in some of these amazing countries and of course get stuck into our new renovations. Such a big year ahead, but hey.....who likes being bored right!


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