Sunday, April 20, 2014

Update: Women's Beauty Box Review

Since I published my last post I have had some contact from one of the beauty box providers I talked about, Lust Have It.  They have now provided me not only with their beauty box but also their women's Fab Box. So generous of them to send me with these boxes to review, always a fun day when a package arrives at your door!

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when the beauty box arrived, mostly because it wasn't a box, it was the products wrapped in bubble wrap.  Here's a photo for you.
Now I understand if they are just getting started but I thought it might be better than that. The products were also as described in my last post, very small. They are explained as being sample products but I wasn't expecting them to be that small. I have had a bit of a play with the products and they seem fine to me, although the Orly nail polish is a glitter that I don't really use. It's completely fine though, they can't please everybody.

However lets get onto the Women's Fab Box. Now that I am very impressed with. Maybe they are just starting with the beauty box but have nailed the Fab Box.  It came in a nice Black box, unfortunately I don't have a photograph of that because I kinda destroyed it trying to get into it. They tapped it up really good and plastered my address all over it so unfortunately...gone!  Here is what it looked like when I opened it up though....
And check out the products!!
A few more details for you:
I was very happy with the fact that all of these products are full size products, no samples to be seen in this box! And who would have thought jewellery and a scarf!!  I did think it was a bit odd that all the makeup products were lip products, but then again, I don't have any of these products or these colours, I'm currently building up my lippy pile. I have had a play with each of them, the lip stain and the lip gloss are great, the colours really last and are strong colours. The lipstick however, the first time I put this on it was barely even noticeable. That may be because I have quite bright coloured lips though, it might work for others if you tend to have paler lips. I did however try it a bit differently the second time. I put concealer (or you could use foundation) over my lips to dull them down a bit, the lipstick was much better when I did this, it is a very neutral lip tone but I like it. You could also pair it with another stronger lip colour to dull it down a bit, just a different way of creating another lip colour.

I still have to say that the Violetbox was my favourite but the Fax Box by Lust Have it was good too. Click on the links provided to check them out for yourself!


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