Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bedroom Styling

When you walk into a home inspection, what are the main rooms that you investigate? For me it's the lounge room, making sure its big enough and my furniture will fit, its the obvious kitchen and bathroom and of course its the master bedroom.  It might not be the room where the family spends time together or where you cook dinner and entertain, but you spend a lot of time in your bedroom and you do one of the most important things in your life......sleep!! When I'm inspecting bedrooms in a home I always go through my checklist:

1. What size bed can I fit in this room. This is why it's always a good idea to put a queen size bed in your master bedroom. I try not to style with single beds, mainly for the reason that if a novice buyer walks in to a room with a single bed in it, they may automatically think that a single bed is the only bed that will fit. Double beds are always a great option, it's easy to go smaller for young children, or if you have teenagers then a double bed is perfect! But at the end of the day I do what the client wants. 

2. Is there room for bedside tables and other furniture such as a tallboy or a armchair. Storage is so important in a home so a good idea to show what fits.

3. Could I sleep here??

Number 3 if potentially the most important question a buyer asks.

The way you style a bed for sale is what is going to answer this question the best. My bed fits, my furniture fits now could I see myself sleeping in this room?
As a home owner it's your job to make sure that answer is YES! The best way to do this is to make your bed look as inviting and comfortable as possible. This doesn't mean get your favourite bedding and a heap of cushions and throw them on the bed.  You favourite bedding might be a combination or pink, purple, red and blue, be very bright and crazy. This type of bedding is simply going to be a slap in the face to a potential buyer when they walk in the door. Remember you aren't selling your home to yourself so you have to appeal to everyone. 
When I am styling a children's bedroom I tend to go for more fun bright colours but I still do my best to keep it simple. When styling a master bedroom or a spare bedroom I go very simple, generally with white or neutral bedding with a few pops of colour that are not gender specific. Remember the wife might love the bedding you put on your bed but if the husband hates it then your chances aren't great!
Whilst I love having a heap of cushions on my bed, one of my favourite things is to jump on it and sink into all the comfiness (don't think that's a word!), it's not always a good idea when selling your home. If you stand at the base of your bed and look straight at your bed head, if you have 10 plus cushions how big does your bed look? The more you dress your bed with the smaller your bed looks. Take the bed below for example. it is very simple, basic neutral bedding with a few pillows and a few cushions......does the bed look big to you? This was not even in a master bedroom but has made the spare bedroom look quite large because it has a large bed in it.
(Photos taken by Styled to Profit)
This bed looks super comfortable to me, something I would enjoy jumping on. It's incredibly inviting, basic in colour and not gender specific. Perfect for styling your bed for sale!
Whilst this bed below has more colour they have not gone over board. Simple colours and styling. The cushions work well too, there are not too many and because they have worked with different sized cushions layered in front of each other it works really well. Looks comfortable and inviting. Ticks all the boxes.
I scroll the real estate websites all the time because basically.......I LOVE HOMES!! But I also like to get inspiration and see what others are doing with their home styling and bed styling.  All too often I see these boxy looking beds like the one below. I understand that they are very neat and tidy, nothing dragging on the floor, very simple, but let's face it......they look so uncomfortable! So much of styling your home for sale is appealing to all the senses and feelings of the potential buyers. In my opinion, if a bed looks uncomfortable and dull then that is going to give a negative impression on the buyer. If there is no bedding hitting the floor, whether it be a quilt, blanket, valance or bed wrap then the buyer may think the room is too small for this impact. What would you rather jump on and sleep in, the boxy bed below, or the fluffy and comfortable bed in the photo above? I know what my answer is.
(photos source)
I believe that large and fluffy bedding gives a feel or elegance. When you stay in a luxury hotel, do they have boxy neat beds? Not generally, they have large over comfortable beds and linen. You don't always need to add throws or blankets to the base of the bed, I think it makes a really nice impact and can be great to add that pop of colour but depending on your linen it is not always the right way to go. Remember keep it simple. Once you are finished don't just step away and decide you like it, ask the rest of your family, ask your friends, ask your agent and even the photographer. They will be impartial and won't like the same things you do. If all of the above like the bed then you've hit the mark, if they are all against what you've done, whether you like it or not, start again.

Give your home a feeling of comfort and luxury by styling your bed right! If you get it right then it could help to sell your home quicker and for that higher price tag that you always wanted. It might seem silly but you will be very surprised what makes people want to buy a house, everyone is different and your buyer might just be the person who spends all their time and money on their bedroom.


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