Thursday, May 8, 2014

DIY Style: Gold Pears

I am forever on the look out for fabulous homewares that I can use not only at my house, but also at work. Homewares can be super small and almost look insignificant but if you take all the decor out of your house, how does it look? BORING!! I have been lusting over the gold and ceramic fruit that have been in every store for a while now. They are so simple but styled in the right way can look absolutely stunning! Here are just a few so you get the idea.
I'm sure you have all seen these many times before and noticed that they can set you back anywhere between $8.00 and $20.00 depending on where you pick them up from. The small Silver Pear is $8.00 from a gorgeous little shop right near me but this is the cheapest I have ever seen them.  So many shops stock then for a whopping $19.95.

Now if you want to spend anywhere between $8 and $20 then go for it, but how about getting your hands dirty doing a little DIY and getting basically the same thing for only $2.50! Well that's what I did anyway. I was having a lazy Sunday over the weekend and decided that I needed to get up and do one of the many projects that have been lying around for so long now. I got super excited about being productive that I started 3 projects and didn't really finish any of them. Now that's mainly because all 3 required painting, so I had to wait for the paint to dry.....seems to take forever when all you want to do is get going.

A little while ago I was doing some shopping and came across some of the fake fruit in a cheap dollar store that were only $2.50. I knew I had some spray paint lying around at home and had the fabulous idea of DIYing some of the fruit that I have love. So grabbed a few pieces and headed home. After I had rummaged around my boxes full of half of my house I managed to find the bits and pieces that I needed.
It was a really nice day on Sunday so was perfect to get outside and get started. I started by roughing up the pieces of fruit, just to make sure the spray paint would stick properly and not chip down the track. Then placed the pear on some scrap paper and started spraying.
I had do to a few coats. I started by coating the top, or as much as I could see with it standing, waited for that to dry (the can said around an hour but i checked it in half an hour and it was dry to touch...good enough for me) then turned it over and coated the bottom. I had to do this process twice to make sure I had good coverage.  Half way through this process I worked out that it would have been easier to hang the pear on a bit of string from say a tree branch or something, that way I wouldn't have taken so long and it wouldn't have rolled away at some very important times!
I left it overnight to make sure it was completely dry and here is what I ended up with.....pretty nice huh!
So happy that I only spent $2.50 on the piece of fake fruit, they don't look exactly like they do in the shops but I don't mind, I'm more satisfied that I got to do them myself and they look better than expected.

Love a bit of DIYing on a lazy Sunday, can't wait to finish some of my other projects!


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