Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Packing Hints and Tips: Part 1

Well there is only 3 weeks to go lovelies before we pack up our home of the past 4 and a half years and move onto our next adventure. Our current home is the first home my husband and I bought when we were simply boyfriend and girlfriend. We signed the contract, got the keys, spent 4 weeks peeling off wallpaper, painting walls and polishing the floors before we finally moved in. It felt like such a long process but we both had full time jobs so was hard to paint at night time. We then spent a little while renovating the kitchen, the bathroom which basically felt like we were starting from scratch.

While living in this home we have been engaged then married and brought home our beautiful little baby girl. So many memories that I will cherish forever but I am super excited to be starting our next challenge as a little family.

We have had a long settlement, well that's how it feels to me, which has been really good to give me the chance to pack gradually and do it right, rather than rush at the last minute and lose everything. It doesn't take long to accumulate belongings, for a small house......we have A LOT of stuff! So here are a few tips for you all when it comes to packing up your home. I know I still have plenty more to pack and will hopefully come up with a few more ideas and organising tips for you all so will be sure to share them down the track.

1. Label your boxes properly! Include as much detail as possible, that way when you are searching for that cake tin you won't have to open every box simply labelled 'Kitchen' to find what you need.  Also make sure not to over pack your boxes. If you are using a removal company it's not as important because they will have all sorts of trolleys and machinery to help move your boxes around, however when you get to unpacking them if you decide that you don't want to unpack that particular box just yet and can't move it, that's just frustrating!
2. When you are labelling your boxes I always like to write in permanent marker on the sticky tape. I always like to use a colour marker too. That way when you have finished with the boxes you can recycle them with friends and family and simply take off the sticky tape with the writing and done....clean boxes. If you cut through the sticky take and don't peel it off the next users can simply write in a different colour so they know which labels are theirs. Simple yet so cost effective.

3. Ever since my husband and I decided that we were moving house I started to keep every single box and junk mail catalog I collected.  One of the main types of boxes that I have kept is shoe boxes. They might seem really basic and bulky but if when you move your shoes you simply throw them all in a bag you are guaranteed to damage at least 1 pair. Keep them in their boxes and pile them up inside a bigger box. They are generally pretty light in weight so will be easy to pile up and move damage done!
4. I don't know about you but my clothes are some of my most important belongings which I take extra special care of. I absolutely hate the idea of packing them in boxes or throwing a pile in a bag. I understand that people pack a suitcase full of their clothing when they move, makes sense right? I tend to go another way, suitcases are ideal for packing and majority of them have wheels so I tend use my suitcases to pack other things, heavy things such as books. I have bedside tables and a chest of drawers all piled with clothes. When we move I will simply take out the drawers, put them in my car and leave the furniture shell for the removalist. Don't have to move any of those clothes out of where they belong, and when you get to your new home you simply put the drawers back in and voila...unpacked! Hanging clothes on the other hand are a little more difficult.  I again don't like to move them from where they are, so I simply grab a few garbage bags, make a few bundles while they are still hanging, wrap the garbage from the bottom and tie around the top of the hangers and again, put them in my car. The clothes are still hanging or laying flat, not folder, no need for extra ironing and again, get to your new place, hang them up, take away the bags and you've finished unpacking! How easy is that!
If you don't have many garbage bags you can always opt for wrapping them in glad wrap. Protects them for the travel and again, hang them up when you get to your new place and unwrap them. It's almost like Christmas!!
5. After starting my packing I was very surprised at how few boxes I actually used. I collected quite a few from my family members who had recently moved, pretty handy! But when I was packing up my house I didn't think it was necessary to buy any more. I started by looking around my own home to see what I could find. I used anything and everything that would be sturdy enough to hold my belongings and potentially be thrown in the back of a truck. I used any and all suitcases that we had to pack books and heavy items, I have a heap of gift boxes that I have collected over the years for some of my smaller items, I have some plastic boxes that I used as well. I piled everything from my bedside tables into the drawers that were already there and the same goes for the desk drawers. Anything on the desk went into the drawers, if it would fit. That way I didn't have to buy any more boxes and then end up throwing them out. Worked perfectly!
So here is part 1 for you all. I will be back shortly with part 2 of my packing tips. If you have any other tips for me please feel free to comment below and I may include them in my next post.


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