Friday, July 4, 2014

Moving Update

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been a bit slack lately getting a post up, as you can imagine I have been flat out moving, painting, unpacking, painting, eating, painting and sleeping...and painting. We have officially had the keys to the new house for 2 weeks and feel like I still have so much to do before we can feel really comfortable. We have been incredibly busy getting things cleaned and painted because I have my daughters first birthday coming up and of course I must have would like it all done by then.

Just to show you what we started with, here are a few photos that I took the day we first stepped in the door. I have to apologise though as the photos were taken on my phone so not the best unfortunately.
I have also spent way too much a little bit of money getting a few bits and pieces to help me get organised/pretty a few things up during the in between phase. We have so many renovations that we would like to do but will have to take our time as we have a birthday and an overseas trip planned before the end of the year.

I love watching YouTube videos and reading other peoples blogs and apparently shopping hauls are just the best things ever to watch and read about. I love watching them but mainly because I love the items and have to live vicariously through other people as I can't afford to buy all the pretty stuff. So here is a little haul of mine for you all from my last trip to Ikea! Ohhhh I love that place!!
 So to break some of it down for you, I have included individual photos with the links below for you to check them out for yourself. I picked up the teal soap dispenser and toothbrush mug to go in our ensuite to match our beautiful new towels. The other soap dispensers that I picked up I filled with my cleanser and moisturiser. I hate the look of the boring moisturiser bottles so would rather pretty them up. The buckets are for my pantry, it is quite deep so will be putting things in buckets/baskets so I can reach everything and the throw is to go on our new couch when we eventually get it. Its been around 7 weeks since we ordered it....hurry up already!!
I had a bit of fun with these jars. I wanted to add a little something something to them so I got out my hot glue gun and wrote cleanse and moisture on them so I would tell the difference when I put my products in there. I wish I had coloured glue but this will do for now.

I couldn't seem to find the right white storage boxes on the Ikea website but if you want to check some out have a look at this link here.

Here are the new towels, we got the colour with the white dot on it.

Can't wait to share some more of our progress with you, my daughters room is coming along nicely, there will always be something else I want to do but for the moment I'm happy so will be sure to share that with you soon. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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