Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let the Holiday begin! First stop...Dubai

Wow!! It's been way too long since I have stopped by to say hello to everyone, between renovating, my daughters first birthday and organising my big holiday I have been super busy. I have so many fun posts to share with you shortly but before I got a chance to get stuck into them, my departure day arrived. So.....I'm writing to you from beautiful, stinking hot, busy Dubai.

We arrived on the 14th of August to the hottest weather I think I have ever dealt it. 42 degrees is 42 degrees right.....wrong! The dry heat in Dubai makes it feel like it's at least 50 degrees, poor Madison, she is coping so well.  One thing that has really been bothering me though, it's so hot outside that you would imagine bright blue skies with a scorching sun beaming down on you where ever you go.....wrong. I have not seen the sun let alone the sky since we landed. As far as the eye can see is sand!! That's right sand! It doesn't get in your eyes or anything crazy like that but due to all of the ongoing construction on the sandy ground it really just lingers. A very unusual and awesome place.
Since it has been so hot it has been basically impossible to go for nice walks outside, I kid you not that the minute you step outside sweat appears from no where and your sunglasses fog instantly, we have been venturing from the beautiful hotel to the Dubai Mall which is only really 500 metres away from the hotel. Now where do I start on the Dubai Mall, maybe at the amazing designer shops that line the walkways, or the beautiful modern architecture inside from the star ceilings to the dinosaur exhibit to the waterfall! Or possibly the fact that the shopping centre not only includes every shop you could ever need but it also supplies for the kids with an indoor ice skating ring (no idea how they keep the ice frozen), or the under water zoo or maybe the aquarium, you read that aquarium!  Here are some photos for you. I have to apologise for the photo quality as these are taken on my phone. I tried to pack light so unfortunately my good camera missed out. Other photos I have sources from elsewhere which are detailed below.
I am a little disappointed that we didn't get to explore a little bit more, however from what I did see it seemed like there was an in house battle going on between the designers, architects and builders. It seemed like some if the massive structures were fighting on the side of keeping the heritage if it's inhabitants alive but building projects supporting true character and originality. They were beautiful sand coloured buildings that really seemed to reflect what the people of Dubai believe. On the other side of the battle were the real modernists fighting to make the city not only the newest but the most forward thinking. aquarium inside a shopping centre. Whichever side of the battle you support the architecture was just awesome.

Next stop....Italy! Can't wait to share some of our amazing experiences there too. Follow us on Instagram as well to get some more happy snaps. Sorry this isn't a nice long post but I'm writing this from my phone, didn't want to bring my computer along with me, takes up valuable shopping space in my luggage! Will definitely share a haul with you when I get back!


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