Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stop 2: ITALY!!!

Italy has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I've seen so many photos and movies filmed somewhere in Italy and I simply had to go! Well it's taken a while but I'm finally here and it was so worth the wait!!

Our Italian adventure started in Rome! Land of the smart car and the mini bus......seriously! So many amazing things to see in Rome so we booked ourselves 4 days to see it! We had planned on spending the first day, well evening, after we arrived just checking things out, nothing specific, but all we had to do was walk out the front of our hotel and look to the right before we saw this!
Ticked one thing off the list!

We spent the next few days walking absolutely everywhere and seeing it all. I made my husband watch the movie Angels and Demons just so we could check out the highlights! Here's a few more pics of the amazing places we went.
We left Rome on the train and headed to Florence. Beautiful Florence. Much smaller place but potentially the same amount of tourists so a little busier. I really enjoyed Florence, although it was busy it seemed peaceful and safe.
Oh and how could I not tell you about Festival of Gelati!!!! Over 100 flavours of gelati......Nutella was definitely the best, really....where have you been all my life! A apple gelati a day keeps the doctor away!!! You will have to excuse the random people in the photo, I stood out the front of the shop for ages waiting for the perfect opportunity to be people free, but unfortunately I have more sight seeing to do so had to snap and go.
After 3 days in Florence we trained it to Venice for a short trip. I'm going to let the amazing photos speak for themselves here!
Who's seen the movie the Tourist?? The hotel in the photo above was featured in the movie, the top floor was Angelina Jolie's apartment when she first arrived in Venice, the one the Johnny Depp stayed in. Apparently at the time of filming it wasn't actually a hotel, not sure what it used to be, but they loved the look when the hotel room was set up that they decided to go in that direction. There are only 6 suites in the hotel and you can only stay there if you are pretty much a millionaire at 6,000 euro a night, which I think works out to be around $10,000 AUD a night. I wish right!!

Then finally a short 1 night stay in Milan.
Our next stop is Spain, can't wait! Hopefully a relaxing feet up kinda place! Chat again soon.


(Photos: Taken on iPhone by Styled to Profit)

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