Monday, September 29, 2014

NYC Baby!!

After the fun adventures in Toronto we headed over to New York for our last stop before we jet off home. I love love love New York. They say that you either love New York or you love LA......well give me a city that never sleeps and a city full of fashion any day. I've always considered myself a pool girl rather than a beach girl so as amazing as LA is it was never going to be my 1st choice.

Sorry rambling....back to NYC. So we landed in the morning, got to our hotel by around 1pm, put Madison down to have a quick sleep then went out into the busy bustling world of New York City. There was a big UN meeting when we were there so police were everywhere. There was extra security all over the place, the kind of security that wear black suits, overly tinted sunglasses paired with the fancy earpiece. Not only did that make the place incredibly busy but the city had also decided that they needed to fix up Times Square and the majority of its surrounds so ......... construction galore! I would have been a little bit disappointed if it was the first time we were visiting New York, just because parts of Times Square were closed with tradesman using all sorts of loud machinery, I'm such a girl....loud machinery.......find the names!!
It was still great though, I had planned to pretty much go shopping in NYC, and maybe do a bit of sight seeing, just a bit though I had lots of shopping to do. The first day there we walked around quite a bit, stopped off at a few shops, spent a bit of $$, had dinner and went back to our room so Madison could go to bed.

Day two was a little bit more eventful, more shopping and spending, we visited the top of the Empire State Building, and let me tell you having a pram with a baby certainly made the trip a little bit easier, until we got to the top of course. Then people galore and the pram was just too big to move around. We did manage to get some great photos though.
Dropped by grand central station, found the whispering corners and had a nice little secret conversation. Looked like complete fools facing the corner away from each other, kind of looked like we were in trouble with the teacher and had to sit in the corner of the room. More shopping and spending, a bit of sleeping, catching up with family for dinner then sleep.  This shopping and spending thing was getting pretty amazing.....I would love to visit New York every year to do my Christmas shopping!
Day three was our last, we weren't flying out until around 7pm but knew that getting to the airport would take a few hours so thought we might have a little over half the day outside and then have to leave the hotel. We went out first thing and took a horse and cart ride around Central Park, that was just beautiful, did a bit more walking and yep spent a little bit more $$.......Madison seemed to score the best out of this trip, there was so many gorgeous little girls clothes we couldn't help ourselves. Had some lunch then headed back to the hotel to collect our stuff and go to the airport.
We left our hotel at 3pm got stuck in so much traffic it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to JFK airport. Crazy right! That's New York for you. Our taxi driver was getting very frustrated, he mentioned that he was supposed to finish his shift around 4 so he was very late and apparently it was our fault that our flight decided to leave at a time inconvenient to him. Sorry driver but No Tip For You! It was so sad that we were leaving New York when we had only just arrived but it was still great to be there. Our flight home was long so I really wasn't looking forward to it. It was around 5 hours to go from NY to LA, then around 16 to get back to Melbourne from LA. The great thing though was that Madison slept for around 10 hours during the long flight home, I couldn't have asked her to be better, she was such an amazing little girl the whole holiday, we were so lucky. But that feeling when you walk in the door to your own home, knowing that you are going to be sleeping in your own bed that night and be able to wash clothes, use an oven and just be with your own stuff is the best feeling in the world!

I have a killer post coming your way about travelling with a baby. I know it's not normally my forte but I learnt a lot on this trip and thought that some of my tips would be helpful to those out there travelling with babies.  Will be posting that one shortly, but for now....


(Photos: all photos taken by Styled to Profit on an iPhone)

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