Friday, October 31, 2014

Let the Bathroom Reno Begin!!

I'm super excited to start renovating our new home....well its not really new anymore but you know what I mean. Since we moved in we have had 1st birthday parties, work trips, a bucket load of painting and a massive holiday, it's been amazing but so nice to start working on the renovations we have planned.  We have painted the whole place already but I'm not quite ready to share that with you, I haven't styled my house at all so the photographs would be way too boring for my lovely readers. It's a work in progress so you'll have to be patient with me.

In Melbourne we have a long weekend this weekend, as in starting tomorrow, so we thought we would make the most of it. I have only just starting collecting the bits and pieces that we need and have still got so much more to pick up so lets start from scratch, I'll show you what we have to work with....
Pretty huh!!! I haven't actually edited any of these photos either so you get to see the current bathroom in it's full glory.

We have a budget for this renovation just like everyone else, ours is certainly not an elaborate budget and as we only plan on staying here for a little bit longer it seems like a real waste to spend a fortune on a bathroom that we really wont get to use. It obviously has to look nice and be functional but we are not going to spend $1,500 on a free standing bath tub or $95 a square metre for tiles, I did see some of these tiles today and yes they are fabulous!

We decided on a budget of around $3000 to completely renovate the bathroom and we have been able to stay under that quite easily. We are doing all of the labour ourselves with some help from friends and family and don't need any plumbing work done as we aren't moving anything in the room. We are basically just replacing everything with some nice new stuff.....I can't wait to get rid of the blue and brown tiles!! We are also planning on saving the shower screen. It's reasonably new and there is nothing wrong with it. It's no frameless shower screen but it's fine to go back in and will save us a few hundred can't go wrong there.

I'm sure we won't get the whole bathroom finished this weekend, tiling will take a little bit then of course you have to let the glue dry, but we plan to get as much done as possible. As we have a little girl who also enjoys a bath each night it's something we would like to get done as quickly as possible. Showers it is for a few days for the little one. I also need to sort out a mirror and some lighting for the room that I haven't done yet, hopefully a little trip to Bunnings tomorrow will be a good start. Make sure you follow me on Instagram for some updates over the weekend. I will definitely share the final product with you as well as soon as it's finished!


(Photos: Styled to Profit, unedited iPhone photographs)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nursery Sneak Peak!

I have wanted to put together a proper nursery from the minute I fell pregnant, but we have not been in a home that we planned on staying in so it has been super hard to do things when we were only going to be in the house for a few more months.  The home we were in when she was born is now gone and I told my husband that I was going to make her bedroom special in this home. There is so much that I want to do but again, we will most likely only be in this house for 12-18 months so I have hesitated to do exactly what I wanted to do.  I did however put a few things together to make her room that little bit special.

He room is still a work in progress so today you will only be getting a sneak peak!

We used to have the baby monitor on the end of the cot, however as soon as Madison could stand on her own she would pull it down and play with it. Really scary when you turn it on to have a look and you see a huge pair of eyes staring back at you, so needed a place for the monitor. I decided to put a few shelves up in the corner, they had to be floating, I hate the look of brackets on a wall, they are simply ugly in my opinion. So floating shelves went up, the monitor went on the shelves and and few decorations, I want it to match a little bit more but it's hard when people buy things for her room. I have to find a place for them, people have been so generous so it's only right to put their gifts on display.
I made a few fun things to go on the wall above her bed. I made a framed butterfly artwork and a button M canvas, so simple but I love how they turned out. I just drew out the chevron pattern and free hand painted the grey. The grey colour is actually the wall colour with a bit of black paint added to it, wanted to keep as much of the colour as possible. I then cut and glued a piece of pink material in the shape of an M. I put this on mainly because I didn't want the chevron pattern to show through the button holes. I then picked up an assortment of pink buttons from spotlight and began gluing them on the M with a hot glue gun. I like the way it turned out, it's a bit rough but I like that it looks home made. I also found a bunting pattern I liked from spotlight so picked that up and put that together using a borrowed sewing machine, I have my own now so won't need to borrow next excited! It's the same theme as the bunting I used on Madison's first birthday, you can check that out here.
On the wall opposite her cot we have the change table, a little bean bag and shelf with some more decor. The pink Madison decor is actually a light, I love it so much but unfortunately there is no power point on this side of the room so I can't turn it on.  Note to self: arrange to have more than one power point in her next bedroom! You can see the owl theme in full swing on this shelf. I have a few other ideas for this wall which include a reading nook to go with the bean bag but I haven't had the chance to finish them yet. It will actually be a DIY post that I will share with you as soon as I have time to get it done. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
I had made all the other walls pretty but there was the one wall that was full of doors! I had to do something to make it stand out and be fabulous enough for my little girl.  I resorted to finding some sticky vinyl in pink, cut out circle shapes with a punch and stuck them on the wall. I wanted to give the impression of wallpaper but didn't want to put wallpaper on the wall, I have had a few bad experiences with wallpaper that I haven't quite gotten over so I'm not ready for that yet.
I ended up free handing the placement of the stickers so a few of them are a little off but most of them are pretty good. I started with the line from ceiling to floor next to the wardrobe and used that as my base. Seemed to work out well so I'm pretty happy with it.
The last wall in her bedroom is the window wall with the floating shelves on each side. I decided I didn't want to do anything with this wall, a little too much and probably wouldn't look right so I just left this one.  I threw a chair in the corner of the room for those late night wake ups when I needed somewhere to sit, added a beautiful blanket for the chilly nights and done!
As I mentioned above there are so many more ideas and things I want to do. I am lucky enough that we will be in a new house in potentially 12-18 months so have the chance to change it up and do something else in her next room. I am so lucky because I have way too many ideas to just stop at one room.  I also have plans for the light in this room. A lot of the time when decorating a room people forget about the light. I haven't forgotten about it but I am just waiting for the right thing to come along. I would love a chandelier but they are quite pricey so I have something else in mind. If I can't find it soon I will most likely DIY it, and don't worry I will share that with you all as well.

I hope you liked your sneak peak at Madison's room, please share any of your nursery ideas or if you have done something similar I would love to see it. When I am a little further along with some more ideas I will take some photos of the room as a whole for you to check out. Until then.....


(Photos: Styled to Profit)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fave Pinterest Finds

If you are anything like me you spend way to much time on Pinterest browsing pretty much every category and adding a million things to your to do list. I am on Pinterest at least 4 times a week scrolling through the amazing pages, it's pretty much the second best website I have ever come across ;)!? As for the first..........

I come across some amazing interiors from some incredible designers across the globe, they are so inspirational and pass on heaps of ideas to add to your home, whether it be organisation, simple styling, DIY and oh so much more.  I thought I would start to share with you some of my fave finds from Pinterest this month. Don't worry I will add the source underneath each image so you can scroll through and find the websites and do some more research. Here are just a few of the ones that jumped out at me.

Ever wondered how to style your entertainment unit?? Why not do something like this!? Its so great to see some decoration around a television that doesn't end up being a distraction. I love how they have hung the television to the wall but still made it look like it is using the furniture. The lamp is beautiful and the wooden top on the unit is perfect. I could see this in my home.

The wall colour is such a fantastic backdrop for this space. The fun garland hanging above the desk adds a bit of character to an otherwise simple and monotoned room. A room that I love. The chair looks super comfy and I love how the stylist has reversed the white and wooden tones from the legs and table top to the legs and the chair base. I would love to add a little pop of colour to this room though, maybe even just from some greenery on the desk. It would add so much.

What's not to love above this room. The coffee tables, the lounge, the picture ledge, the wall hung shelving, the exposed wooden flooring, the basic monochromatic, love, love!

This is not so much an interior photo but more a styling photo that I came across. The gold accents are so sophisticated, I want that stapler! The scripted vase is great, would love to know where they picked that up. Simple styling but in a beautiful way.

In my dream home I have my own studio where I can house all my craft and creative stuff, my desk and anything and everything to do with Styled to Profit. When I finally have a studio of my very own I will be recreating this pegboard. I adore how they have included some life with the greenery up the top. I'm super jealous of the owner of this fun little space!

This is such a beautiful image in my eyes. Its super simple and relaxed, the styling is very comfortable and the couch looks very much like the one I'm sitting on right now! I also love the simplicity behind the artwork, its very basic and very beautiful. I'm sure that is a super expensive piece but might be fun to try and paint it myself and add my own little spin on it.

Are you starting to notice a little trend yet? I'm loving everything scandinavian at the moment which is light and bright rooms showing whites and wooden tones. Reclaimed wood is trending massively at the moment in the interiors world, television shows like The Block have certainly helped that along. I love the reclaimed wood look and think this desk is such a good use of not only the wood but of the space. And the simple styling......very much my style!

I absolutely adore this stair case. It's so simple yet a little futuristic. I would be a little scared about the security at the top of the stairs, there is not a whole lot of support to hold the weight but still, love it!

Please share your favourite recent Pinterest finds, why not share the joy!

It was also my Birthday recently and I scored my very own sewing machine! I'm a tad over excited about it. I have so many projects on my Pinterest boards that I want to do so look forward to some DIY posts using my new favourite toy. The fun part about that is..........I actually have no idea how to use a sewing machine! Lets learn together...


(Photos: all credited)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas under $500


Did you know this?? Have you started your Christmas Shopping?? Holy cow I need to start getting organised!! I am a little bit crazy when it comes to organising things so I like to get my Christmas shopping started and maybe even finished super early, it means I won't be one of those people running around at the shops on Christmas Eve trying to find those last minute Christmas gifts. I used to work in retail so trust can get crazy!
Last year just before Christmas I published a post called 'Last Minute Gift Ideas under $100'. That is one of my highest rating posts ever on my blog and I received the most feedback simply from this post. I decided that people might need some help thinking of gifts for their loved ones for Christmas, so I thought I would do a small series helping people think of gift ideas, starting from the more expensive and working my way down to the small and more budget friendly items.

For those people who like to go all out on their Christmas presents and spend a fortune on that special person here are a few of my ideas for Christmas presents under $500 but still on the pricey side.

One of the first things on my Christmas list is the new iPad Mini 3 which is priced from $499. You can certainly get the normal iPad but its a little bit more expensive and for me, you just can't go passed the iddy bitty things. They say good things come in small packages!

I don;t know about you but my decking could really do with something fancy, something to draw your eye and of course something comfy. What about the Hanging Egg Outdoor Chair from Milan Direct - $379
What husband or teenager wouldn't want an xbox for Christmas, I found this one at JB Hifi for $498. If you wanted to go over the $500 mark you can get xbox packages that include games as well or an additional controller.

How about a beautiful 3 hour spa treatment for your wife or mum! I would be super happy with this one as well.

A few years ago my brothers and I arranged a lovely package at The Weston Hotel in Melbourne for our parents. It is a great hotel and they really deserved a night away! Check out their website here or give them a call and ask about their overnight packages.

Rod Stewart is coming to Australia early next year. I know many people who would love to about you?? Ticket prices range from $400 down to around $200
I hope these ideas have helped a little bit. I have a heap more to come that are that little bit less expensive so stay tuned.  Feel free to add any more ideas in the comment section below to help some of the other readers out, I know I would love to get a few more ideas!


(Photos: as credited)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY - Fabric Covered Books

On top of my super fun job of blogging for all of my friends on here, I work as a property stylist, helping clients get their houses ready for sale. Part of this includes filling their properties with furniture and all the small decor pieces. I absolutely love DIYing the decor pieces that I use in my clients properties, not only does it make the items unique but I can make them exactly how I want them, and not how the mass producers want them.

I have a few favourite things to style with such as candles and flowers but most of all.......books! You can use books for so many different things when styling, whether it be filling a book shelf, coffee table books, stack them to add height to furniture, I have even been known to put a stack of books under a bedside table to make it a little more grand looking. Books are fantastic, however you can get some ugly ones!  Most people would throw those ones out but I like to embrace the ugliness! Don't throw them away.......make them pretty! I know a lot of people that pretty up books with paper, give it a few weeks or a few uses and the paper rips, you need something a little more heavy duty, something that can last the hard yards, get thrown on the ground and still survive. That something is definitely fabric!!  So here's my quick and easy DIY project of fabric covered books.
Firstly though, I found a few books that I had already in my house, my styling books were being used already so I ended up using some average spiral bound books. Fabric covered books look so much better when you have a hard cover and spine book, but for this little DIY I decided I wanted to do something specific with my fabric covered books so a book that you could open and leave flat was suitable. I'll share my book purpose a little further down.

Let's start with what you need...
- Books
- Fabric
- Modge Podge
- Sponge for the Modge Podge
- Any stickers that you want to pretty it up a bit more and
- Washie Tape, because washi tape should have a use no matter what you're doing.

Firstly, lay your fabric out flat with your open book on top of it. Grab your scissors and start to cut around 3cms away from the edge of the book. Once you have cut the border, iron your fabric, the last thing you want is crease marks on your book cover!
Grab out your modge podge and squeeze it onto a board or plastic container, whatever you like, then lather your book cover with it. If you were covering a solid book, including the spine, you would start by gluing the spine then working your way out.
Once you have coated the book cover with modge podge or any other fabric to cardboard glue, lay the book down on the fabric and press it hard, once the fabric is stuck, open the book up and using your hands wipe over the cover of the book, smooth out any bubbles.

Once you have stuck it on and wiped over it firmly with your hands open up the book. Cut the corners of the fabric as shown in the photo below. This is simply so there isn't any bulky overlap.
Grab your modge podge again and start with the shorter sides of the left over material, glue the cardboard, not the fabric, you don't want glue to seep out onto the top of the fabric. Once you have done the two shorter sides, glue the long side shut. Then.....done!
If you were using a hard cover book then you would start with the spine then move to one side, once that side is complete finish the other side. Only do one side at a time, makes it a lot easier and a smoother process.

I decided to do something a little different with my books. I don't really do cards with my gifts. It frustrates me how much companies charge for them, you can keep the messages for as long as you like but most of the time you end up throwing them in the bin, message gone! Since I had my daughter I have become a little more sentimental about things like that but am still not prepared to jump on the card bandwagon. So instead, I have dedicated the pink book to Mothers Day and the green book to Fathers Day. I'm still in the process of decorating the inside cover of the books, labelling them with my stickers and washi tape. I know my timing is a little off but each year instead of giving each other a card and instead of our children organising a card they can write their little message to us in these books. It will be beautiful to re read their messages each year and see the scribbles from the beginning of their little lives to their teenage years and beyond all in one location. It's a little keepsake that I will always hold onto and will keep receiving a new message each year. I love the idea even though I will have to remind my husband about them around a week for Mothers Day each year.

Here are a few other images of fabric covered books for some inspiration. Please share any books that you might have covered with fabric to pretty them up a bit! Look forward to chatting again soon
Mod Podge Book covers Owl

(Photos: Styled to Profit, unless credited otherwise)

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Little Girls First Birthday Party

Our daughter Madison was lucky enough to spend her first birthday during the first stop on our holiday. Not many people can say they spent their first birthday in Dubai, even though so won't remember it.  But because it was her first birthday we had to throw a little party for her before we left.  We only wanted a small gathering at home with a few small decorations, however it turned into a few small decorations with a mass of people. We had a great time though and Madison was very spoilt.
I started with an owl theme, I absolutely love owls, not the real ones, just the cute decorative ones. I have based a lot of Madison's room around them so thought I would continue the theme into her First Birthday Party. Any birthday party from here will probably be at a park or at a play centre etc but this one was in our home so I wanted to continue our theme.

I started with our dining table, covered it with a white table cloth and started decorating.  I had made an owl bunting for Madison's room, which I will share with you shortly, that was the same style as a Happy Birthday bunting that I purchased from Spotlight.  I hung the happy birthday owl bunting up above the table with a few balloons, then decorated the table with a few other bits and pieces.
I created this owl from a pink paper lantern, cut up paper and stuck it on. I made a few more that I hung from my lights in the lounge room, unfortunately the photos I took in the lounge room didn't come out well so wasn't able to use them in the post.
I grabbed some left over jars that I had in the kitchen, turned them upside down and drizzled paint over them so they would run down the sides, when they were dry I put the fake candles in them to add a small touch of creativity to the table.
I decorated with a few more bits and pieces, such as some lolly bags that I made up, placed them in an alphabet box and put them in the centre of the table so people would grab them, the letter M for Madison....obviously. I also make a watermelon punch to put on the table which was actually delicious! It was simply a 1.25 litre bottle of lemonade, some watermelon which I blended into a syrup, cut up the rest of the watermelon and some lemons and put them in with some ice.  Yum!!
I wanted to continue the owl theme throughout the house but decided that the cake shouldn't be an owl....too much. So I went with cupcakes. I put them on a tower and baked a large cupcake to go on top. I had a heap of plans for this cake but really ran out of time so unfortunately it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I wanted to use some owl paper that I had to line the bottom of the cake so it would look a bit more like a cupcake. The swirls on the top were fine, it was just the bottom I wanted to do more with. I also had a cute Happy Birthday candle that I wanted to put on it but it was pink and looked a bit funny without the contrast on the bottom of the cake. The one good thing is that Madison won't really remember it, so I will make it heaps better next year!
I continued the bunting theme in the lounge room of our home but did this one a little differently. I got some owl themed paper, cut them into bunting triangles, punched holes on the top corners and threaded some ribbon through so I could hang them up. They turned out quite well. I also hung some fun lanterns from the light fixtures to add a bit extra to the room.
We had a fantastic day at Madison's party and I really liked our little decorations. It's so much more satisfying when you have made most of the decorations yourself and then get a few comments on how great they look. All the items I purchased to make the decorations were from my local Spotlight, I love that shop a little too much. I believe they are currently working on their online store so not everything is online, you can find out where there is a local store near you, or simply visit your local craft store to find what you need. I can't wait to decorate for her 2nd birthday, sadly I already know what I want to do!


(Photos: Styled to Profit)