Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas under $500


Did you know this?? Have you started your Christmas Shopping?? Holy cow I need to start getting organised!! I am a little bit crazy when it comes to organising things so I like to get my Christmas shopping started and maybe even finished super early, it means I won't be one of those people running around at the shops on Christmas Eve trying to find those last minute Christmas gifts. I used to work in retail so trust me........it can get crazy!
Last year just before Christmas I published a post called 'Last Minute Gift Ideas under $100'. That is one of my highest rating posts ever on my blog and I received the most feedback simply from this post. I decided that people might need some help thinking of gifts for their loved ones for Christmas, so I thought I would do a small series helping people think of gift ideas, starting from the more expensive and working my way down to the small and more budget friendly items.

For those people who like to go all out on their Christmas presents and spend a fortune on that special person here are a few of my ideas for Christmas presents under $500 but still on the pricey side.

One of the first things on my Christmas list is the new iPad Mini 3 which is priced from $499. You can certainly get the normal iPad but its a little bit more expensive and for me, you just can't go passed the iddy bitty things. They say good things come in small packages!

I don;t know about you but my decking could really do with something fancy, something to draw your eye and of course something comfy. What about the Hanging Egg Outdoor Chair from Milan Direct - $379
What husband or teenager wouldn't want an xbox for Christmas, I found this one at JB Hifi for $498. If you wanted to go over the $500 mark you can get xbox packages that include games as well or an additional controller.

How about a beautiful 3 hour spa treatment for your wife or mum! I would be super happy with this one as well.

A few years ago my brothers and I arranged a lovely package at The Weston Hotel in Melbourne for our parents. It is a great hotel and they really deserved a night away! Check out their website here or give them a call and ask about their overnight packages.

Rod Stewart is coming to Australia early next year. I know many people who would love to go......how about you?? Ticket prices range from $400 down to around $200
I hope these ideas have helped a little bit. I have a heap more to come that are that little bit less expensive so stay tuned.  Feel free to add any more ideas in the comment section below to help some of the other readers out, I know I would love to get a few more ideas!


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