Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fave Pinterest Finds

If you are anything like me you spend way to much time on Pinterest browsing pretty much every category and adding a million things to your to do list. I am on Pinterest at least 4 times a week scrolling through the amazing pages, it's pretty much the second best website I have ever come across ;)!? As for the first..........

I come across some amazing interiors from some incredible designers across the globe, they are so inspirational and pass on heaps of ideas to add to your home, whether it be organisation, simple styling, DIY and oh so much more.  I thought I would start to share with you some of my fave finds from Pinterest this month. Don't worry I will add the source underneath each image so you can scroll through and find the websites and do some more research. Here are just a few of the ones that jumped out at me.

Ever wondered how to style your entertainment unit?? Why not do something like this!? Its so great to see some decoration around a television that doesn't end up being a distraction. I love how they have hung the television to the wall but still made it look like it is using the furniture. The lamp is beautiful and the wooden top on the unit is perfect. I could see this in my home.

The wall colour is such a fantastic backdrop for this space. The fun garland hanging above the desk adds a bit of character to an otherwise simple and monotoned room. A room that I love. The chair looks super comfy and I love how the stylist has reversed the white and wooden tones from the legs and table top to the legs and the chair base. I would love to add a little pop of colour to this room though, maybe even just from some greenery on the desk. It would add so much.

What's not to love above this room. The coffee tables, the lounge, the picture ledge, the wall hung shelving, the exposed wooden flooring, the basic monochromatic, love, love!

This is not so much an interior photo but more a styling photo that I came across. The gold accents are so sophisticated, I want that stapler! The scripted vase is great, would love to know where they picked that up. Simple styling but in a beautiful way.

In my dream home I have my own studio where I can house all my craft and creative stuff, my desk and anything and everything to do with Styled to Profit. When I finally have a studio of my very own I will be recreating this pegboard. I adore how they have included some life with the greenery up the top. I'm super jealous of the owner of this fun little space!

This is such a beautiful image in my eyes. Its super simple and relaxed, the styling is very comfortable and the couch looks very much like the one I'm sitting on right now! I also love the simplicity behind the artwork, its very basic and very beautiful. I'm sure that is a super expensive piece but might be fun to try and paint it myself and add my own little spin on it.

Are you starting to notice a little trend yet? I'm loving everything scandinavian at the moment which is light and bright rooms showing whites and wooden tones. Reclaimed wood is trending massively at the moment in the interiors world, television shows like The Block have certainly helped that along. I love the reclaimed wood look and think this desk is such a good use of not only the wood but of the space. And the simple styling......very much my style!

I absolutely adore this stair case. It's so simple yet a little futuristic. I would be a little scared about the security at the top of the stairs, there is not a whole lot of support to hold the weight but still, love it!

Please share your favourite recent Pinterest finds, why not share the joy!

It was also my Birthday recently and I scored my very own sewing machine! I'm a tad over excited about it. I have so many projects on my Pinterest boards that I want to do so look forward to some DIY posts using my new favourite toy. The fun part about that is..........I actually have no idea how to use a sewing machine! Lets learn together...


(Photos: all credited)

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