Friday, October 3, 2014

NYC Haul

This is the last of my little travel serious for you before I get back into my normal posts. I had the most amazing time but I am so glad to be getting my life back to normal and working on some new projects to share with you all. I have so many ideas that I can't wait to share with you.  But finally I thought I would share my purchases from our visit to New York City in the form of a shopping haul type post. Unfortunately I have discovered that the house we moved into a few months ago has pretty much the worst lighting ever so I have included photographs from the websites of the stores I made my purchases from. I have also included links directly to the online shop so you can grab them yourself if you like.  Most of the items are from Forever 21, I just love that shop, H&M and CVS with a little added bonus from Michael Kors, just a little present for myself.

My favourite purchase for the entire trip....have been crushing on these for some time now so I'm super excited I got to pick some up.
Madison also scored really well out of this holiday, she got some gorgeous clothes and shoes from almost every store we walked into, these are one thing I couldn't walk passed. We are heading into the warmer months here in Australia so I made sure to get a size big enough so she could wear them in Winter next year.

I also hit up the CVS store near my hotel to get a top up on some make up. Unfortunately the shelves were quite empty when I got in there so I missed out on getting heaps of the things I wanted but here is what I did pick up.

- Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse in Nude - purchase here
- NYX Mineral Matte Finishing Powder in light/medium - purchase here
- eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit - purchase here
- MAC Blush in Desert Rose - purchase here
- NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream - purchase here
- Maybelline Under Eye Concealer in Fair- purchase here
- Rimmell Natural Bronzer in Sun Light - purchase here
- NYX Mosaic Powder in Truth - purchase here
- NYX Rouge Cream Blush in CB02 - purchase here

I picked up the MAC Blush featured in the picture above from the MAC store in Times Square. I also went into the Sephora store there as well but didn't end up getting anything. They were very busy when I dropped by and I didn't really have time to wait as we were booked in to visit a local sight and I didn't make it back after disappointed!

I did pick up a few other bits and pieces but nothing special and some of them I actually couldn't find on the websites, little bit annoying. I LOVE shopping way too much really, I have my favourite shop near my home that I visit pretty much every week, I try really hard not to buy something at every visit but it's hard when they get new stock each week. And it's super affordable! If you want to travel out to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne check out their facebook page here. I've got a few more necessary shopping trips coming up so I will be sure to share what I pick up. Until then.....


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