Friday, October 10, 2014

The Little Girls First Birthday Party

Our daughter Madison was lucky enough to spend her first birthday during the first stop on our holiday. Not many people can say they spent their first birthday in Dubai, even though so won't remember it.  But because it was her first birthday we had to throw a little party for her before we left.  We only wanted a small gathering at home with a few small decorations, however it turned into a few small decorations with a mass of people. We had a great time though and Madison was very spoilt.
I started with an owl theme, I absolutely love owls, not the real ones, just the cute decorative ones. I have based a lot of Madison's room around them so thought I would continue the theme into her First Birthday Party. Any birthday party from here will probably be at a park or at a play centre etc but this one was in our home so I wanted to continue our theme.

I started with our dining table, covered it with a white table cloth and started decorating.  I had made an owl bunting for Madison's room, which I will share with you shortly, that was the same style as a Happy Birthday bunting that I purchased from Spotlight.  I hung the happy birthday owl bunting up above the table with a few balloons, then decorated the table with a few other bits and pieces.
I created this owl from a pink paper lantern, cut up paper and stuck it on. I made a few more that I hung from my lights in the lounge room, unfortunately the photos I took in the lounge room didn't come out well so wasn't able to use them in the post.
I grabbed some left over jars that I had in the kitchen, turned them upside down and drizzled paint over them so they would run down the sides, when they were dry I put the fake candles in them to add a small touch of creativity to the table.
I decorated with a few more bits and pieces, such as some lolly bags that I made up, placed them in an alphabet box and put them in the centre of the table so people would grab them, the letter M for Madison....obviously. I also make a watermelon punch to put on the table which was actually delicious! It was simply a 1.25 litre bottle of lemonade, some watermelon which I blended into a syrup, cut up the rest of the watermelon and some lemons and put them in with some ice.  Yum!!
I wanted to continue the owl theme throughout the house but decided that the cake shouldn't be an owl....too much. So I went with cupcakes. I put them on a tower and baked a large cupcake to go on top. I had a heap of plans for this cake but really ran out of time so unfortunately it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I wanted to use some owl paper that I had to line the bottom of the cake so it would look a bit more like a cupcake. The swirls on the top were fine, it was just the bottom I wanted to do more with. I also had a cute Happy Birthday candle that I wanted to put on it but it was pink and looked a bit funny without the contrast on the bottom of the cake. The one good thing is that Madison won't really remember it, so I will make it heaps better next year!
I continued the bunting theme in the lounge room of our home but did this one a little differently. I got some owl themed paper, cut them into bunting triangles, punched holes on the top corners and threaded some ribbon through so I could hang them up. They turned out quite well. I also hung some fun lanterns from the light fixtures to add a bit extra to the room.
We had a fantastic day at Madison's party and I really liked our little decorations. It's so much more satisfying when you have made most of the decorations yourself and then get a few comments on how great they look. All the items I purchased to make the decorations were from my local Spotlight, I love that shop a little too much. I believe they are currently working on their online store so not everything is online, you can find out where there is a local store near you, or simply visit your local craft store to find what you need. I can't wait to decorate for her 2nd birthday, sadly I already know what I want to do!


(Photos: Styled to Profit)

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