Saturday, June 4, 2016

Getting Things Done!

I am about to tick off one of the last major events of the year and I'm not gonna lie.......I'm so excited about it!! This year has been huge, one big deal after another with very little down time. Even when I have had down time I have had a million things on my mind. Sure Christmas is still coming a little too quickly but I am already getting organised for it with a few presents done. Christmas happens every year so I can prepare for it and handle it. Because I have been so busy with a million things happening this year there are plenty of things I should have done that I haven't or areas of my life that have missed out a bit.  After this weekend and the exciting WEDDING I will be re-evaluating my time and dealing with some of those poorly addressed areas. My list is constantly growing but here is where I'm gonna start:

Spring Cleaning
I know how fun can that really be????
I hate some parts of cleaning but love the others. I hate vacuuming and mopping floors, I would LOVE to have someone come and do that along with cleaning my bathrooms every two weeks, until I can have the luxury of that it's all me! So I'm going to start by setting myself a bit of a routine, I'm one of those people that likes to write things down and keep lists and I know if I start by writing a routine I will manage to keep it going for a little while. So that ticks the boring stuff off
the list, but what about the big stuff. Here is the start of my spring cleaning list, this is the stuff that excites me because I absolutely love organising things so this is right up my alley! For those others of you who love organising things, check out this blog, Jen is amazing and so creative!!

1. Clean out the pantry and Fridge/Freezer
2. Clean out the Tupperware Cupboard
3. Organise my Inventory
4. Organise my craft and sewing storage
5. Find a new storage solution for my make up
6. Clean out my wardrobe
7. Clean out Madison's clothes and pack away ones that not longer fit
8. Organise filing cabinet
9. Sort through boxes ........ yes I still have plenty of boxes full of stuff from my old place
10. Set up Laundry and organise cleaning products......that's right, I have not organised my laundry since I moved in back in June!
The list is continuing to grow every day, I'm hoping to tackle one job every week until they are completed. The only problem is that every time I finish one job I find another that I need to do. Hopefully by say.....June 2015 I will be finished and the house will be all nice and clean.

I have been lacking big time in this area, I love exercising but struggle a lot with the motivational side of things. I don't have a gym membership because I was finding it too hard with my job and my daughter so I decided that I would try and do it myself. The weather is lovely now so I want to get outside and walk/run as often as possible, I can definitely do this with Madison. I also got a yoga mat for my birthday with some great fitness clothing to try and help motivate me to get up that little bit earlier and do some pilates/yoga. I found an amazing pilates instructor on YouTube, her channel any blog is called Blogilates. She is amazing, her blog is awesome and I follow her on instagram to keep up my motivation to get exercising. Check her out!
I'm gonna start exercising on my own then at the beginning of December I will be completing her beginners work out calendar. You can find that on her blog if you want to join me! We can help motivate each other to finish the month...Christmas might be a day I'll have to miss but there are rest days in the calendar so I will just switch one of them out for Christmas Day.

Time Management
Because I have been so run off my feet lately I have been finding my days are all joining together and I can't seem to get things done in time or I'm forgetting about things and almost missing appointments. As I said above I am a list maker and big on writing things down, I have been using my phone lately for all notes and calendar entries but I don't really like it. It's just not easy to see the week ahead at a glance which I really need. I also want to be able to distinguish who things are for, for example when Madison has an appointment I want it to be easily recognizable without having to click like 4 buttons. If Ben is going away I want to know when he is leaving and when he is getting back just by skimming the pages, again not pressing 8 buttons and guessing dates etc. So I'm already getting things in place for a 2015 planner. I'm hoping to set it up now and include the end of 2014 in it so I can start using it straight away. I have seen so many different planners that are nice but not exactly what I want. So I thought I would DIY it, I will be sure to share it with you and show you my finished product. I'm a tad excited about it but right now it's just in my mind, I really need to get it done. I've been using this one from Kikki-K as my inspiration but am simply not prepared to pay $75.00 for a planner, hence the DIY.

So these are the things that I'm planning on working on over the next few months, what about you? I'm looking forward to tackling my projects and sharing the before/after results with you. I would love to hear about your projects so please feel free to share.


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