Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Fun Filled Week

Hello there my fantastic extended family! I have had the best week, a very busy week, but every minute of it has been lots of fun and well worth the running around. It all start last weekend when we decided to start renovating our bathroom. It has been a slow process but we are getting there, each step of the way just gets me a little more excited to see the finished product, I'm so excited to have a nice bathroom!

We started at this...
We have now pulled everything out, except the bath framework, we planned on keeping that to save a bit of costs. Pulling everything out was kinda fun, and reasonably easy. We fitted the shower base, not too bad, we bought one exactly the same size as the previous one, again to save costs and make sure we wouldn't have to change any plumbing or framework. So all good so far, we then began fitting our bath.....well that was one issue after another. Our previous bath was a metal bath, so was reasonably heavy, all the framework built around it was made to hold the weight of the metal bath and support it in the right places. We didn't buy a metal bath to replace it with, just your standard bathtub, apparently baths these days are deeper than they used to be and a little bit wider, didn't fit! We had to pull out all the existing framework so we could even get our bath in the space. Then because it was deeper we had to move the plumbing for the taps up just a little bit. As you can see in the photo above the previous bath was built into the wall, we decided just to do the same thing, I know not overly modern or stylish, but easier (or so we thought!!!). We had to cut into the wall frames a little higher as well so it could fit. We then had to buy a new bit of wood to frame the bath and then move the plumbing underneath it so the drainage would fit.....drama drama drama. We finally got there though so all drainage is connected and bath is in!!
We then had to lay cement sheeting in the gaps around the room so it was waterproof. What you can see above is waterproof, but where we pulled off some tiles, the wall behind it came off as well so we had to fill a few gaps. Then for the waterproofing membrane (the green stuff), that's not too bad, just like a few coats of thick paint.
Sadly though, after we put the waterproofing membrane on we kinda ran out of time over the weekend. It was Monday night, it was too dark and everyone was exhausted, time for a break for a few days.

Tuesday in Melbourne was a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup, we went to a local race track where they have all sorts of marquees, food, a million bookies and heaps of people dressed in beautiful frocks and fascinators. It was lots of fun and a beautiful family day out. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take many photos as I was chasing my daughter around the whole day, because who wants to sit still anymore??

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were fun filled days of taking my daughter to the park for a play, enjoying the sunny weather, working and getting organised for my sister in laws hens party which was on Saturday. It doesn't seem like much but I didn't really get much time to sit and relax.

Then it was Saturday!!! Up super early to get all fancy and in the car, we get to her place, start serving champagne straight away with some beautiful chicken and salad for a snack before we head off on the awaiting bus. Before long the bus was off and we were already playing games, smiling and laughing. We had planned a winery tour for the bride down at the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, and by beautiful, I mean spectacular. I have lived in Melbourne almost my whole life, been to Mornington Peninsula more times that I can bare to count, but I have still been missing out. We went down dirt roads, off the beaten track and explored places that I never knew existed, and they were absolutely stunning. We really are lucky to live in a place where beautiful beaches, wineries and picturesque scenery is simply a short drive away, I really need to get out and embrace my home a little bit more. Here are a few shots of the amazing views we encountered on our winery tour.
Seriously do they get such straight lines when they plant the vines??? It really intrigues me.

I have finally had a relaxing day today enjoying the sunny weather that Melbourne has thrown at us, hopefully it stays around for a few months.....please! This week will be filled with more wedding preparations and then of course the beautiful Wedding on Saturday, can't wait, I know it will be such a fun day!! I'll be sure to snap some photos to share with you, follow me on Instagram to keep updated.


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