Monday, December 8, 2014


I shared with you all a few weeks ago that I got a sewing machine for my birthday, since then I have been having so much fun working everything out and having a go at some sewing projects.  After I spent a good hour or two threading the bobbin and then threading the needle I was ready to get started. It takes me around 2 minutes now but hey the first time you do it on your own it's a little bit more difficult. I fist pumped like a champion when I finally worked it out though!

I have had heaps of things on my sewing to do list and I still have a heap more. So I started with something simple, a cushion cover. I have done parts of this before but not all of it by myself. Just a simple envelope cushion cover, worked a treat and looking forward to making many more of these. I am actually working on a Styled to Profit Cushion Line at the moment so hopefully I can master the art of sewing cushion covers in minutes. I can't wait to share some of my new cushions with you all but need to wait until I have it all a little more organised and completed.
I saw a post on Pinterest a little while ago of some fun and colourful owls that I absolutely loved. Here is the pin for you together with the link to the etsy shop they are sold at.
I loved them, thought they were so cute, and seeing as though my theme for my daughter's room is owls I thought I might try and give there a go myself.  Took me quite a while to work them out and put them together but let me say, I'm so happy with the result. Now I know mine are no where near as good as the ones above but I'm just really excited that I did them myself, with little to no help from anyone. There are so many flaws in them but I don't mind......I did them myself!!
If you have been reading my blog for a little while you would have seen my nursery sneak peak. I mentioned in that post that I have been on the lookout for a lamp shade for her room. I haven't been able to find the right one, I'm still looking. In the meantime I thought I would spice up her existing light with something a little but more fun. So I bought a basic boring lamp shade, some funky pink material, put it together on the sewing machine and then glued it onto the lamp shade. Ta da.......DIY covered light shade for her room! Happy with how this turned out as well.......this is so much fun!!
I need an electrician to take off her existing light, it's not your normal batten fixture, so until that's done I have put it on a lamp in her room, what do you think....
I have so many more projects that I want to do so will make sure I share them with you soon. My sewing machine is one of the best presents ever, I'm having so much fun playing and creating. I also have a few ideas for some fun Christmas DIY's and decorating projects so looking forward to sharing those with you all soon. I will make sure I have them all up in before Christmas though so don't worry!


(Photos: Credited or by Styled to Profit)

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