Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bathroom Reveal!

After the super long 'supposed to be weekend' bathroom renovation it's finally finished! We finished most of it just before Christmas but were missing the few finishing touches such as the shower head that we ordered weeks ago that took forever to arrive, and the mirror that we needed to hang. We stayed well within our budget which was super awesome and it turned out great! We weren't going for anything super fancy, just simple and nicer than it used to be. So here is what we came up with..
We recycled our shower screen so that's what you can see in the picture above. We got all new taps, bath and vanity.
Super awesome soft closing drawers and cupboards!
We opted for a feature gray wall that runs down to the floor as well, then put basic white tiles on the other 3 walls. I think it turned out pretty nice. Oh and check out this amazing tap below. It's our bath tap which we chose specifically because it moves and folds away, perfect for when little ones are having a bath.
No more standing and hurting their back on the tap.
We got one of the rain fall shower heads.........amazing!! And just a simple beveled edge mirror to go above the vanity.
I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It's perfect to add a little bit of value to the home, by the time we sell it, which I'm hoping will be in the next few months, it will be a fully renovated home that needs absolutely no work done. This is super appealing to so many buyers out there so that is exactly what we want! Please share some of your home renovations, I love seeing them all whether they are super simple like mine or super extravagant!

Our next renovation is the laundry and then the ensuite, we have already started pulling the laundry apart but as this is a boring room I won't be bothered sharing the progress with you on that one. And I'm sure that will take us forever as well so don't hold your breathe for that one!


(Photos: Styled to Profit)

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