Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year lovelies! I know it's a few days late but as you can tell by my limited posts for the last month, life in my neck of the woods has been super busy. I have got so many fun ideas to work on this year from my business and blog to my home and great activities with my daughter. I can't wait to get stuck in and share all my ideas with some of my favourite guys!! But first let me share how my 2014 ended and 2015 began.

December was a fun month, I absolutely LOVE Christmas and with my daughter it is all that little bit more exciting. She is just short of 18 months old so still only little and doesn't really understand what Christmas and Santa Claus is all about, but that doesn't matter, we still had a great time decorating the house and starting some fun new traditions. We were hosting Christmas breakfast this year so I decided to be super organised so I wouldn't be stressed or worried, worked a treat! I had my plan written down and knew exactly what I needed and when I would be picking it all up. I start collecting bits and pieces for breakfast and did some DIY decorations. I shared one with you last month but here are a few more.
Who doesn't love little kids hands and feet right?? Couldn't help myself with this one.
For her first Christmas we made the Mistletoes canvas so this year I thought I might do something different. I stuck sticky tape on the canvas in the terrible shape of a tree, I rushed it and was doing it with a group of other people so not quite a perfect as I would normally like it to be, but who cares, she doesn't know the difference. We then had some finger paint fun. Once it dried I took off the sticky tape, added her name very awkwardly and the year and done!
I also had some fun wrapping up my presents. I get a bit sick of the over enthusiastic Christmas wrapping paper that they have in store, I like the simple stuff. So I picked up some brown paper and some red ribbon. I found a few websites that create word find games for you, all you have to do is type in the words you want, how many lines and what shape you want the game to be and press go. They create it for you and all you have to do is print it off. So I keyed in the names of everyone I was buying presents for, put in the other selections, printed off how many copies I needed and added them to my presents. A fun way to label the presents.
Christmas day went off with a bang, lots of unwrapping, giggles and food. We had the best few days and Madison opened almost all her presents herself, it took a while but she got there eventually! She was very spoilt so now our family room is filled toys, toys and more toys.

After we got over our food coma's and cleaned the house up a little bit we packed our bags and headed to the beach for a few days of total relaxation mixed in with a bit of fun. We visited Wilson's Promontory, swam in some of the best beaches in Australia, then headed over to a family holiday home in Warratah Bay where we enjoyed some amazing views, accommodation and company.
We arrived home yesterday, unpacked and got ready to head back to work today. Lucky I love my job and don't mind Mondays so going back to work is not really a big deal for me. I have so many more posts to share with you in the coming weeks, we finished our bathroom renovation just before Christmas so will be sharing that with you all shortly. We are about to start working on our laundry and ensuite so will be sure to share that with you too as soon as it's finished.

If you're back at work today too I hope it has gone quickly and you haven't been welcomed by huge piles of paperwork. Bring on 2015 to organise and losing those piles and enjoying an even better year than the last.


(Photos: Styled to Profit)

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