Thursday, August 20, 2015

Top Tips To Help You Sell Your Melbourne Home, Fast!

Hey guys, it’s been a while! If you read my last blog post, you will know why I have been busy for a while, so I won’t bore you with the details. I am making my long awaited return because I was currently talking to a friend who is in the process of trying to sell their home. After a long conversation, I realised that she was missing a few of the basics. I must admit, after a lot of thought I realised that I don’t talk too much about the basics on here. At times, I assume that everyone is on the same page, but sometimes that isn’t the case!

So, I am here to make amends with a simple post about the basic and essential tips that will help you sell your Melbourne home quickly. To be honest, they will help you sell your property anywhere in the world, that’s how effective they are. Hopefully, your property will fly off the market after you implement a couple.

Curb Appeal

I know a lot of people make this mistake because I used to make it a long time ago. For some reason, we think the interior of the house is more important than the exterior, and that isn’t the case. One of the most important tips I ever learned was never to underestimate the effect of a good first impression. I mean, just think about the house you live in now. I would put a lot of money on almost every homeowner knowing they were going to make a bid before they even stepped inside the door. Am I right?

Go outside and do a critical analysis of the outside of your property. Is it clean? Is it attractive? Or does it need work? That’s what potential buyers will think when the pull up outside.

Tidy Up

Before we move onto the bigger details, make sure everything is clean and tidy first. It is amazing how many of my clients think they need an En Suite installing because their bathroom isn’t big or modern enough. After a quick clean, the bathroom looks amazing, and there is no need for any work whatsoever. Upgrades are a big part of selling properties fast, but only if they UPGRADE your home. I tell my clients all the time don’t add an upgrade for the sake of it. You can save yourself a fortune by whipping the vacuum out, plus you will keep the integrity of your home.


But, that doesn’t mean that the right upgrade won’t make the process move quicker. When it comes to properties, you have to give the buyer what they want. Most buyers are looking for the perfect property to move into straight away, so if they find one they will snap it up. Think about the kitchen in particularly. Kitchens can be a sticking point, so try and make it more modern and bigger if possible. Although, I understand that isn’t always possible.


Don’t be afraid to show off your home’s positives. The majority of buyers will be able to see most of them for themselves. The home, the area, etc. speaks for itself. What doesn’t speak for itself, however, are the bills. Let buyers know that Melbourne electricity providers in your area are among the cheapest in the state. Or, that the rates are incredibly reasonable.

Cheaper rates will make your property a lot more desirable.

I hope some of these quick tips have been helpful to you all and will certainly do my best to share some more with you soon.


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