Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Guide To Building The Perfect House For Your Family!

Hi there! You may remember from a recent post that I’m going to start building a house. The process has got me thinking about offering advice to others in the same boat. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this post. I’m going to offer a complete guide on how you could build your dream home. From selling your old one to making the new place a dream come true. So, the first thing you need to do is…

Sell Your Old Home

Well, this is fairly easy to be honest, and you’ll find plenty of tips on how you can increase the value of your house to get a better price. That’s pretty much what we do here. But for the first timers I’ll run through a few quick, easy measures that are sure to let your home make a dent on the market. The first tip is minimization. Basically, when you see a show house you will notice that in each room there is only a small amount of furniture but it doesn’t look bare. This is a style technique and to accomplish it, go around your home putting away any furniture that would not be used by the nuclear family. Typically, you want four seating places and a couple of small pieces of furniture. You should have a few knick knacks for decorative pieces, but the house should certainly not be overflowing with them.

Also, be sure to fill the rooms with lovely scents, either by using fragrance cleaners or putting vases of flowers within the room. For the kitchen, you may want to bake some cakes or make a jug. Does this encourage people to spend more on a house? You’d be surprised!

After that, you’ve got to think about whether it’s the right time to sell. Ideally, you want house prices to be high in your area and for properties to be selling like hot cakes.

Buying Land

Sold your home? Then you’ve got to buy some land to build your palace on. If you’ve ever seen Mr Blanding Builds His Dream House - Cary Grant - you might recall he buys a home that’s already built. He then knocks it down, and I know some people believe this is still a fantastic idea to get cheap land. Don’t do that, it will end up costing more than you realise. Buy an unused plot of land and make sure it will be a good, solid foundation for your new home.

Building The Dream

I love the idea of my husband building a new home with his own two hands. I’m thinking of him wearing a red plaid shirt with his sleeves rolled up and...I digress. The truth is as romantic an idea as this is; it’s not possible. You need a team to build your new home, and you want the best. Look for a company that specialises in building luxury and boutique homes, checking out plans and creations on their site. Once you’ve hired the team you can start making plans with them. They’ll help you in the building and design process.

Then in a six to twelve months you’ll have your dream home. Just don’t ask me how much it’ll cost. You won’t like the answer, but I promise, it will be worth it.


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